Twister Fries #MinsanLangTo

How are you all doing? I hope you are all safe and protected from the harsh rain of #MarioPH. In the midst of typhoon, I managed to snuck out and drive-thru the nearest McDonald's yesterday. No delivery, kawawa naman ang delivery guy, noh!

DH was sick but he told me to get him one McDonald's Twister Fries. Everybody's so crazy about it, I wonder why?!

upgrade to Twister Fries

You can upgrade a Value Meal with a Twister Fries for only PhP 36! It was bitin, you can hardly see the fries inside the box (photo above). Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang?! lol

It looks like the fries was coated and darker, the culprit might be the oil used. It was saltier but not exactly tastier than the original one. 

specially seasoned, golden, crispy Twister Fries

At dahil #MinsanLangTo, my sister brought with her another Twister Fries today, along with my  McDonald's favorite- McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish.

6-pc McNuggets PhP 128 with BBQ sauce

Filet-O-Fish sandwich only PhP 97

Yey! I got a McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP sticker

When you drive-thru McDonald's, don't forget to ask for a VIP sticker. Bring it with you or stick it to your car's windshield to get a free upsize on your drink.

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