H2O+ Face Oasis CC Cream with SPF 30 PA+++

As you all know, my skin is sensitive so I don't like to try out too many makeup products all at the same time. I am loyal and I tend to stick with brands that my skin loves. But the change in the condition of my skin- from sensitive to dry & sensitive- made me want to try out other products available in the market. What was okay with my skin before, does not work anymore and needs to be replaced. I am currently in constant search for beauty products that would work well with my skin.

H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ 30ml PhP 1995

I have been using H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream for almost 2 months. Remembering how smooth it felt when I applied and tested the product during the event, I was eager to use it right away.

it pumps out the product

After using it for a month without any glitch, I now find it hard to pump the product out of the tube. I have to unscrew the top and screw it back every time that happens.

H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream Fair/Light

Pumping issues aside, this is a good product for people who do not have too much imperfections to hide. It only offers sheer coverage so if you have a pimple, it would still be visible. What I like about this product is that it does not feel heavy nor itchy. In two months that I have been using this product, I didn't have a single breakout.

BEFORE H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream application

In person, the color looks a bit ashy on me when initially applied. But after the cc cream has been blended and settled, it corrects itself and matches the color of my face.

AFTER H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream application

After applying H2O Plus Face Oasis CC Cream, my face looks dewy even without the application of moisturizer underneath it. I don't know if I can still get the benefit of *skin-brightening because I only use this product when I have important events to go to because it's expensive ; p

*Vitamin C and skin-brightening plant extracts help fade discoloration caused by excess melanin production.

I will continue blogging about my Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in my next entry! Stay tuned!

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