Malacca: St. Peter's Church, The King's Well & Restoran Keng-Dom

Day 2: April 11, 2014 Part 1

Historical Malacca Tour

On our first day, we inquired at different travel agencies for day tour rates. We booked our tours with two agencies- Tour 51 and Han Travel. For Historical Malacca Tour, we booked with Tour 51. The cost is cheaper than Han Travel because it is not a private tour meaning our group of three were joined together with other tourists from different hotels. There is a designated pick-up point where we were handed a round yellow sticker found on my blouse in the first photo. It was not a big group, I think we were less than 15 in one huge bus.

St. Peter's Church Melaka

Our trip from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca (Melaka) took us 2 1/2 hour. Our first stop, St. Peter's Church.

St. Peter's Church is in the historic city of Melaka, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7 June 2008. It is the oldest church in Malaysia, built by the Portuguese descendants after religious freedom was proclaimed by the Dutch over Malacca in 1702. One of its artifacts is the 1608 bell found inside the Church's Tower. - SOURCE

this work of art is found directly across the church

inside St. Peter's Church

Next stop, we visited The King's Well...

Sultan's Well

The King's Well or the Sultan's Well aka Perigi Raja. It is widely known as "Hang Li Po Well" because it was constructed during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah for his wife, a princess who came from China. It was dug for the exclusive use of his wife for her daily needs.

The well is said to never dry out even in the severest of droughts. During the Portuguese period it served as the main source of drinking water for Melacca. During a siege in 1551, Johore forces poisoned the well, causing the deaths of over 200 Portuguese soldiers. It was again poisoned in 1629 but its water became drinkable again after awhile.  -SOURCE

Poh San Teng Temple

aka Sam Po Kong temple

Adjacent to The King's Well is Poh San Teng temple. The temple was constructed for his wife that's why many believed that the princess came from China although no known record confirmed this theory.

rubbing the lion brings good luck according to our guide

these paintings caught my eyes

go up the Chinese Hill aka Bukit Cina

According to the local tradition, in the mid-15th century, Hang Li Po was sent to be married to the sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansor Shah, to seal relations between the two countries. The hill, Bukit Cina, a gift from the sultan, was established as their residence. Marine archeology of a shipwreck (Royal Nanhai wreck from about 1460 AD) suggested royal gifts from China, shipped during Sultan Mansor Shah's reign. -SOURCE

With over 250,000 square meters of land and over 12,000 graves, Bukit Cina is said to be the largest Chinese graveyard outside China.

We spent roughly an hour visiting St. Peter' Church, The King's Well, Poh San Teng temple and Bukit Cina before we had our lunch.

solo Japanese traveler and a couple from Bangladesh

Anyway, lunch at Restoran Keng-Dom was inclusive with the tour. Food was served lauriat style. Our tour group occupied two tables. The tour guide didn't rush us, we were able to mingle with our tour buddies ; )

I have to break this entry into 2 parts, so keep on visiting this blog for updates!

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