My First Uber Ride Experience!

Earlier, I wrote about a step-by-step guide on how to create an uber account and you can instantly get PhP 300 credit just by entering my promo code: uberMrsMartinez.

I attended two events last Wednesday. One event was in Rockwell and the other one was inside LRI Design Plaza. I dread the heavy traffic (because it's raining!) and the limited parking space. Thank goodness, Rowena has already downloaded the uber app.

Upon choosing between a Black Car or an uberX car (just slide the car icon), you are now ready to set the pick up location. 

In the photo, you can view the driver's name, his star rating, the car he drives and its plate number. You can also view the estimated time of arrival.

If you had a hard time pinpointing the location on the map, you can either call or send an SMS to your driver. See second photo, lower right side.

We sent an SMS to the driver so he knew where we are exactly located.

You can track the car in real time... awesome!

this is our uber ride

I was able to try uber twice in one day (Rockwell-LRI Design Plaza-Rockwell). The cars (interior & exterior) were clean. Air conditioner was perfectly running. Best of all, the drivers were courteous.

bill will be emailed to you

If both of the riders have uber account, you have the option to split the bill (see second to the last photo). In our case, only Rowena has an account so she shouldered our bill. Thanks, Ro!

Our trip from LRI Design Plaza back to Power Plant Mall, Rockwell amounted to PhP 69 only. Not bad, right? I would take uber anytime than take the regular taxi.

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How about you? Have you tried uber yet? How was your experience. If not enter my promo code: uberMrsMartinez to get PhP 200 credit instantly!
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