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I admit... I hate driving through the horrendous traffic along EDSA, locating a venue and getting lost in the process and worst of all, finding a parking space inside a crowded basement parking lot.

Did you know that there's a new (well, it's new to me since I recently discovered it ; ) app called Uber? It's a ride-sharing service based in San Francisco and I am happy to announced that it is now here in Manila! The Uber app connects you with a driver at the tap of a button... what a life saver!

Basically, the company uses a smartphone application to connect passengers with drivers of vehicle for hire. Customers, like you and me, can use the app to request for a ride and track their reserved vehicle's location.

For me, hailing for a taxi cab is nerve-racking so Uber is a welcome change! I am going to teach you step-by-step on how to create you own Uber account and also how to get a PhP 300 credit from me!

Step 1: Download the Uber app here

Step 2:  Register using Google+, Facebook OR with your First Name and Last Name

Step 3: For Payment, you have to REGISTER (key in your CREDIT CARD NUMBER, MONTH YEAR OF EXPIRY & *CVV) 
*CVV is found at the back of your credit card; It is a 3-digit number different fro your credit card number.

Step 4: Click SCAN your credit card and follow instructions on how to hold your card properly so it can screen capture it

Step 5: Last and the most important, key in promo code uberMrsMartinez to get a PhP 300 CREDIT

Step 6: Verify your account through EMAIL or SMS

You will receive SMS like this

You can automatically add gratuity/tip for taxi cab driver, view credit, add promo code by visiting your profile.

Voila! You can now start using the Uber app ; ) It's very simple and relatively safe to use. I didn't feel tense and felt quite comfortable because it was just like riding my own car, with a driver ha!

You can get your free PhP 300 credits just by signing up using my promo code uberMrsMartinez here===>

Next post, my first uber experience! Sign up and get your own uber customized referral code today!
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