Peri's Tint Marker in Plum Stain (1) by Peripera

My friend, who just came back from Korea, gave me an advance Christmas present- Peripera's Peri's Tint Marker. There's no need to wrap it in a gift bag because the box is so cute!

Peri's Tint Marker in Plum Stain (1) 9,000 won (Php 450)

The packaging is shaped like a pencil with the tip showing the same shade as the product inside. The artwork is called Pinky Sunny. It was designed by Mari Kim, the same designer who worked with 2en1.

marker applicator

This lip stain has a marker tip applicator. It looks like a marker and works like one too! This product will work well with teenagers who are starting to learn how to apply makeup. It's so easy to apply.

How to apply Peri's Tint Marker:

1. Pull cap
2. Draw your lip's outline
3. Fill it in with color

It's so pigmented, you will get the right amount of color in just one swipe. It's hard to remove the stain though even with a lip remover. The stain can last for one whole day even without touch-ups.

My lips felt dry upon application because the stain has a quick dry formula. But that does not mean that it can cause chapped lips because I did not experience any. Oh, I love its scent!

Peri's Tint Marker in Plum Stain came out like Deep Red color on my lips. It was not exactly the shade I had in mind. It made me look more mature and not the girly-girl type that I am after ; p

It is also available in Pink Stain and Orange Stain. As far as I know, Peripera is still not available locally.
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