#DragonPrincessB Loves Kawaii Style!

I love SM! I often shop there for my little cutie pie's leggings and cute accessories! This year, I noticed that some of the styles were geared more towards Japanese "Kawaii" theme. There's lots of bright colors, graphic visuals and of course, it's given that each clothing design has to be cute and lovable!

Last weekend, I took my daughter out on a play date and this cute ensemble of Minnie Mouse was what I came up with!

Here's a Cutie Style Guide for all moms who have a two-year-old daughter like me:

step 1: wear a pretty character tee

step 2: pair it with a ruffled skirt

I prefer to style my little princess in a girly fashion so I stopped at step 2 lol

 step 3: you can even layer it with leggings and put on some kicks!

Remember, nothing is over-the-top when you are wearing Minnie Mouse!

How do you like her look? So kawaii, yeah?!

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