Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine Banawe Quezon City | Restaurant Review

During Lunar New Year's eve, my family and I tried a newly-opened restaurant called Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine in Quezon City.

The restaurant is huge, spacious and well-lit compared to other existing restaurants along Banawe Avenue which are mostly cramp and well, old. As we enter, we were greeted by a female receptionist at the main entrance. Since it was Chinese New Year's eve, all staff were dressed in red. I don't know if that's the usual uniform but I just put two and two together.

Anyway, we came for food so as soon as we were settled in our seat, we looked for the menu. Some of the items were not available so we settled with the following orders...

King Fish in Chili Bean Sauce Php 199

For less than Php 200, this King Fish in Chili Bean Sauce was not bad at all. It was small in size and is good for one person, if you don't have any other orders. But we ordered a lot as usual so we were able to take home half of the fish, imagine that!

Xiao Long Bao Php 200

Xiao Long Bao's wrapper was thick but I guess that's the reason why the soup can be contained inside.

Hand Made Dumplings (Pork with Kutchay) Php 150

We took home some left-over hand made dumplings, it was not as good as when we were eating it inside the restaurant. I suggest that you order no more than 4 items on the menu so you can finish everything. This dish is best eaten upon serving.


I am not fond of tendon so I can't describe to you how it was. DH's only complaint is that there was not enough tendon on his plate hahaha

Fried Pork Chop Rice Php 200

I told you we ordered a lot and this fried pork chop was one of the dishes that we had to take home. I think the chef added too much pepper on this one. I know the taste of Taiwan's pork chop but this one is not even close, all it left was the peppery taste in my mouth.

You might want to check out Red Onion in UP Town Center for delicious and authentic Taiwanese Fried Pork Chop instead.

Chicken Wonton Soup
Taiwan Style Fried Rice Php 200

Price-wise, Tien Ma's is very affordable. Except for the fish, all the other dishes were good enough for sharing.

I love Taiwan and its food so every time there's a new Taiwanese restaurant that opens, I want to check it out. Are any new ones that opened in your area? I am running out of options here in my area. Leave me a note who knows I might visit it soon!

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