Jam of Jamich Loses Battle with Lung Cancer at 28

"The fight is over we lost the battle. My son, Jam Fernando Sebastian, just passed away 10:30 am March 4, 2015"- this is the Facebook status of Maricar Fernando Sebastian, mother of Jam Vhille "Jam" Sebastian of the popular YouTube tandem, JaMich. The entry was shared 3,605 times as of this writing.

sorry, I could not find a solo pic of Jam

I was one of the many people who watched this duo's numerous videos. I became a silent fan 3 years ago but then my real life took over. I totally forgot about them until one day, I read that Jam was stricken with the big C ; (

I was saddened when I read the news. I wanted to be updated on his health and his battle so I followed them on their official Instagram account, Jamich. And today after several months of fighting, I learned that Jam has passed away due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer ; ( I am at loss for words so I am leaving you with some of their most memorable YouTube videos to date.

By Chance by Jamich and its popular dance craze shown below

 Text by Jamich

 Janine by Jamich


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Why do people die so young? I would like to think that Jam had lived all his 28 years of existence to the fullest. You have fought a good fight. May you now rest in peace!


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