#CookWithMrsMartinezRecipes: Baked Salmon with Triple Cheese Recipe

I can now call myself a certified Domestic Diva. Why? Because ever since my two kasambahay (helpers) left, I do the laundry (washing machine), wash the dishes (sometimes my hubby helps but it's better if he stays out of the kitchen ; p) and my favorite part, cook for my family. The only thing I don't do is to iron our clothes.

Baked Salmon with Triple Cheese

Since I have been cooking for awhile, I have "mastered" a few easy-to-follow recipes that I can call my own. From time to time, I will share simple recipes that you can do by yourself without any help from a kasambahay- from chopping, slicing and cooking.

Everything that you will see or featured here will make your cooking life easier. Plus, I will offer some tips as you read along. Let's start, shall we?

Baked Salmon with Triple Cheese


  • A slice of Salmon (I get my fresh supply from Robinsons Magnolia Supermarket)
  • One whole Lemon sliced into half*
  • One whole Red Onion sliced

Tips on how to select fresh Salmon:

  1. Smell- no weird or fishy scent
  2. Appearance- must be in vibrant orange; spot for the shinier one
  3. Touch- firm and springy

*You can substitute Lemon with Kalamansi for stronger taste

  • Emborg Mozzarella- European Shredded Mozzarella
  • Eden Cook Sarap- Everyday Grated Cheese
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese Original 
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Pepper 
  • Byrsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tip # 1: I hate grating cheese. One time, I was in Robinsons Magnolia doing my grocery shopping, I spotted Eden grated cheese in a sachet on one of the top shelves. I grabbed as many as my hands can hold. Talk about hoarding!

Tip #2: Some cheese brands, not Emborg, offer resealable packaging which I think is a clever idea so you can keep the product fresh for next use.

Tip # 3: I use Himalayan Pink Salt when I cook because it is not as salty as the regular table salt.


1. In an aluminum foil, place the sliced red onions under the salmon
2. Squeeze the lemon on top
3. Add salt & pepper
4. Add a dash of Olive Oil
5. Spread cream cheese

Tip #4: Roll the lemon on the table top before slicing into half. That way you can easily squeeze the juice out of the lemon.

6. Spread some mozzarella cheese

7. Empty entire pack of Eden grated cheese

8. Fold the aluminum foil on top and on the sides

9. Set your oven to BAKE at 175 degree Celcius or 350 degree Fahrenheit for a good 20 minutes

10. After the timer stops, carefully remove the top and side covering of the foil
11. Select BROIL, do not adjust the temperature and add another 10 minutes
12. And you are done!

My daughter loves cheese as much as I do so I make sure that I put as much cheese as possible whenever I cook Salmon in our home.

What about you? Do you love cheese as well? Will you try this dish at home? Let me know how it goes, alright?!

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