Salt Water Sandal | Pink

My pair of Salt Water Original Sandals is finally here! I ordered it online via Modern Mama (MoMa) Baby Shop in Cebu because I can't find a single supplier here in Metro Manila that carries the sandals in my size.

To learn how to spot a fake Salt Water Original Sandal, read  here.

The Salt Water Original Sandal | Pink 888

The Salt Water Original Pink 888  Php 2,250

The Salt Water Original is the sandal that started the Salt Water tradition. Crafted with a Littleway stitched leather sole, extra-thick high grade leather upper and solid brass buckles, they offer an unmatched level of comfort that will last for many seasons. 

Salt Water's exclusive color bonding process means the color will not wear off like other sandals. All Salt Water sandals are designed to be worn in the water, and can be thrown in the washer. Just hang to dry and they will spring back to shape for a new adventure.- SOURCE

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