Sekitori Japanese Restaurant Makati | Restaurant Review

Some time ago, DH and I chanced upon Sekitori in Little Tokyo, Makati. It was already past dinner time but the restaurant was still bustling- waitresses were running around taking orders and guests seemingly enjoying what they ordered.

Ika Gesu Age Php 130

We were seated inside a function room with two other families. I overheard one group complained about the super slow service. I witnessed a waitress served one of their orders just as they were about to finish eating their food. They ended up canceling that order. What a pity... the sashimi and sushi looked too appetizing to pass!

One of my favorite in Sekitori was Ika Gesu Age. It's breaded squid that is so tasty and yummy, I can finish one whole order by myself!

Gyu Tan Yaki Php 390

Ebi Tempura Php 360

DH ordered beef while I ordered tempura. I think there were 5 pieces of tempura in one order. It was super sulit for its price!

Ebi Sushi Php 120 & Shime Saba Sushi Php 100

As usual, I ordered my favorite Shime Saba and Ebi sushi while DH, being the more adventurous one, ordered something different like Lapu-lapu and Ika sashimi.

Lapu-lapu Sashimi Php 270

Salmon Sashimi Php 260

Ika Sashimi Php 180

Tamago Php 160

My little girl was sleeping on my lap the whole time I was eating my dinner. She fell asleep on our way to Makati. We had to wake her up when the Tamago I ordered arrived so she can eat dinner too.

True, the service was really slow that night but if you are looking for an authentic and reasonable priced Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo, I would still recommend Sekitori.

Sekitori Japanese Restaurant is located at Little Tokyo 2277 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. Telephone numbers are 425 9030 and 894 3876.
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