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Last Mother's Day, we intended to eat at Kikufuji but as usual the restaurant was already packed with sushi lovers when I arrived at 11 am. Through the business card I got, I learned that it has a sister company- Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant along Pasay Rd. in Makati City so we went there instead.

with my camera shy, super mom

If I am not mistaken the restaurant is over 20 years old so it looks like it needs a revamp especially in terms of interior design.

Anyway, we were able to score two couches side by side. We were 9 in our group, our family is growing bigger and bigger ; )

Prime Fuji Php 1,750

Yakiniku in Japanese means Grilled Meat Dishes

Since this is a yakiniku restaurant, we ordered some meat for grilling.  One order was enough to be shared among our big group. Everybody had a taste of the tender and flavorful meat.

Aside from the dish above, we ordered the following:
Spicy Tuna Php 230

This order of Spicy Tuna was not as good as the one we usually order at Kikufuji ; (

2 orders  of Tamago Yaki Php 100/order

Shime Saba Php 260

3 orders of Salmon Sashimi Php 220

Unaju Php 750

There's two unagi (another one hidden under the bed of rice) in every order and since it was Mother's Day, I decided to split this dish with my mom ; ) I love you, mom!

Tempura Lunch Set Php 300
Zaru Soba Lunch Set Php 270

Oyako Don Php 230

Please excuse the not so sharp and crisp photos that you are looking at. Like I forgot to bring my camera that day, I also forgot to take a photo of my dad's order- Shake Lunch.

Each lunch set consists of the main dish that you ordered, rice, soup, a macaroni and another appetizer ( the black one which was so good).

our growing family

By the way, this was how I look that day...

How to achieve this Summery Look:



I want to write more personal entries on my blog. I think you want to read more about that stuff, huh? I love to try out different restaurants and the latest beauty products/makeup trends so you will read more about that here on my blog.

Happy weekend!

Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant is located at 1020 Pasay Road, San Lorenzo, Makati City with telelphone numbers 844 4427 and 844 4489.

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