Cafe Shibuya Glorietta 2 Makati | Restaurant Review

At long last I was able to try Cafe Shibuya in Glorietta 2 Makati. I first saw it when I visited UP Town Center. I was there way too early, it was still closed because we were there during breakfast hours. 

I was with my parents, sister and my little darling when we visited the restaurant one fine afternoon. I seldom go to Makati, we went there because my parents got vaccinated for flu at my sister's office. We had lunch at Rufo's Tapa then headed to Glorietta 2, that's where I spotted the restaurant.

Strawberry Matcha Toast Regular Regular Php 245

I would like to start with this yummy dessert- Strawberry Matcha. Cafe Shibuya's breads are all natural and baked fresh daily. Even though we were already full from our orders- there was a lot, we were still able to finish this entire plate of dessert toast because it was really that good. I love the combination of matcha and strawberry on top of the bread.

The concept of Dessert Toasts is almost the same as that of the ice cream vendor who sells ice cream sandwiched in between pan de sal. The difference is that this one is more expensive because it has sosi strawberry toppings and you can't find matcha ice cream flavor in any dirty ice cream cart.

What I like about it:

  • The bread has no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors

Also available in Baby Toast (Php 195) which comes with 1 scoop of ice cream and whipped cream.

Beef Bulgogi Nachos Php 260

Beef Bulgogi toppings on nachos is not proportionate in terms of quantity. There were more nachos, I wish there were more beef though because I am a beef lover ; )

Cafe Shibuya Signature Salad Php 245

Grapes, cranberries, almonds, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese and greens tossed in Cafe Shibuya's signature shallot vinaigrette dressing, what more can I ask for?!

Truffle Mushroom Php 115

Mixed seasonal mushrooms and truffle oil... simply divine!

Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe Php 215

Strawberries, cream cheese chunks, pound cake, vanilla ice cream and graham crumbles

I think this is my one and only entry that started and ended with a dessert haha I love strawberries and I can't resist to order this Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe when I saw it on the menu. I was not disappointed. I love the mix of two of my favorite ingredients in one dessert. I think I can finish one whole order all by myself.

I want to go back and taste some more of their desserts. I also want to try their Savory Toasts and Crepes.

Have you tried any of Cafe Shibuya's offering? What is your favorite?

Cafe Shibuya is located at 3F Glorietta 2, East Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila
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