Washoku De Azabu Greenhills | Restaurant Review

My parents discovered a Japanese restaurant tucked inside BTTC Centre along Ortigas Ave. called Washoku De Azabu. The people behind Seryna in Makati helped conceptualized the menu for this restaurant.

As of this writing, I was able to try the restaurant twice, once with DH and my most recent visit was earlier this week for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. On both occasions, we were very satisfied with what we had and we are looking forward to celebrating more happy occasions in this restaurant.

Goten Mori Php 680

When I am with DH, we see to it that we order enough food from the menu so I can have a lot of photos to share on my blog ; )

He ordered Goten Mori served on a bowl filled with the freshest sashimi like salmon, tuna, lapu lapu and octopus.

Ika Geso Karaa Php 210

I was able to finish Ika Geso Karaa with a little help from DH. Eat this while its still hot, it's super good! Squeeze a slice of lemon to add a little zest to the flavor.

Shime Saba  Php 80/pc.

Of course, I had to order my favorite sushi- Shime Saba. Worth every bit of the amount I paid!

Tezukuri Gyoza Php 210

I ordered Tezuri Gyoza for our daughter. She was able to finish half of this order together with rice. She is one happy camper.

Tamago Sashimi Php 160

Agedashi Tofu Php 198

Shitake Php 88

Other orders were Shitake mushroom on stick, tamago, and agedashi tofu. All of which I wish we had not ordered. The orders were not that bad, it's just that the taste was not as good as I expected.

Krubi Yaki Don Php 420

A bit expensive for its price, Krubi Yaki's beef is a thicker version of Gyudon. I will tr Gyudon next time.

Earlier this week, July 20, we dined in Azabu to celebrate my parents' forty years of blissful marriage. It was lunch time and there were various bento sets that are priced at only Php 380/set.

Dad and his Chirashi Don Php 600+

Tempura Bento Php 380

I ordered a Tempura Bento Set while my mom ordered Sukiyaki Bento Set. My set included 2 pieces of Shrimp Tempura, veggie tempura, side salad, and a small potion of sukiyaki on the side. A small plate of fruits is included in the set.

The service was a bit slow that day. I only saw one or two servers and it was really hard to get their attention even though the restaurant was not full at that time. Another thing, I don't know if they offer parking validation because when I parked outside the building, I assumed we don't have to pay for a parking fee. A guard and an attendant approached us only to ask where we will go. Parking ticket was only handed to us when we were about to leave the premises. It was such a hassle. If I only knew that parking outside is not free, I would have parked in the basement. Other than that, the food was good and we would likely go back for more sushi and sashimi.

Washoku De Azabu is located at the 1st Level BTTC Centre, 288 Roosevelt St., Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan (where BMW is located and just beside Jollibee) 942 20 26 and 942 20 51.

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