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When I was enrolled in the university, my parents could not afford to pay my tuition in full. I remembered going to the Accounting Office for the partial payment of my school fees before I can take my exams. When I finished studying and finally earned my Bachelor's Degree, my dad was teary-eyed because he said that education is the best gift he can give to his children.

As a parent, I want to secure my daughter's college education as early as now. I want peace of mind and security when it comes to building educational funds for her. I am glad I came across Manulife Education Builder - a new investment-linked product from Manulife Philippines that helps parents build education funds for their children through investments in professionally-managed funds. Other than that, it also offers life insurance coverage, which helps parents secure their children's future, even in the event of unfortunate circumstances like death or disability.

What differentiates Manulife Education Builder from other Educational Plans?

  • Annual Education Benefit

The parents have the flexibility to choose the amount and duration of payment that will enable them to build enough funds to cover the cost of their child's college education. The policyholder can choose whether the Annual Education Benefit will be paid out annually for 4 or 5 years, starting from the time their child reaches 18 years of age. This ensures that the amount provided by the plan is enough to address the education funding needed.

  • Education Rider

Parents can avail of an Educational Rider that guarantees the Annual Education Benefit in the event of death and disability. It will provide their child with a pre-college allowance until he/she turns 18.  This gives you peace of mind that the education of your children will not be compromised even if unfortunate events happen.

  • Total Disability Waiver

In the event of disability, the product continues to be in-force through the Total Disability Waiver Rider. A parent suffering from loss of financial security because of total disability can still continue with the fund and allow it to accumulate in value. You can plan for this to be a graduation or start-up fund when your child finishes school. It can also be used for the other financial needs.

My daughter is still in preschool but this early, I want to start saving up for her future. I want her to receive quality education and the assurance that she will be well taken care of no matter what happens. With Manulife Education Builder as my trusted partner, I know I will be able to build enough funds to cover the cost of her college education.

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