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Before DH and I started our one month diet meal delivery a few weeks ago, we had a scrumptious lunch in one of the restaurants that recently opened in Banawe Ave., Quezon City- Tra Vinh Australia Special Vietnamese Noodles.

Tra Vinh Vietnamese | Banawe Avenue

Fresh Spring Rolls Special Prawn & Pork  2 rolls Php 180

For appetizer, we ordered Fresh Spring Rolls Special. It's basically rice paper rolls with fresh salad, rice vermicelli with prawns and pork. Served with peanut sauce. It's so good, I wanted to order more but I will start my diet the next day so that is not a very good idea ; p

Also available in Prawns (2 rolls)  Php 160, Pork (2 rolls) Php 160 and Vegetarian (3 rolls) Php 160.

Prawn Pomelo Salad Php 240

For salad, we ordered a combination of Prawn and Pomelo salad. I wish there were more freshly chopped vegetable to balanced the quantity of fresh prawns and pomelo. Peanuts, herbs and spices were on top of the salad. There was an extra dressing on the side just in case you want to enhance the  taste and flavor of the salad.

Also available in Prawn Mango Salad Php 250 and Chicken Salad Php 240.

Grilled Pork chop Rice Php 225

For my main entree, I ordered one Grilled Pork Chop Rice. The pork was marinated with traditional Vietnamese herbs & spices. There's a fried egg on top of the rice. Served with Meatloaf, Pickled Veggies, a side dish (fried noodle) and Tra Vinh's Special Sauce.

This dish reminded me of the one I had when we visited Canada awhile back. I ordered the same dish every time. The restaurant is Pho88 and it is located at 325 Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough.

Other rice dishes include Braised Beef Php 210, BBQ Pork Rice (Php 190 without Spring Roll/Php 220 with Spring Roll) and Fried Chicken Rice Php 180.

Combination Beef Noodle Soup Large Php 299

It was DH's second time at Tra Vinh so he already knew what noodle soup to order for himself. He ordered Combination Beef Noodle Soup (Large). It was made from Beef Bones Base and 16 traditional herbs and spices combined with cooked beef slices and raw slices of beef shoulder topped with beef balls, beef tripe and garnished with garden fresh herbs. I had tasted it and I loved it! I wished I had ordered one for myself. It was light and tasty at the same time. Hmmm... maybe on my next visit ; )

Also available in Regular for only Php 230.

Dried Longgan with Lotus Seed Php 100 & Special Mixed Beans Php 100

We also ordered one liter of Tra Vinh's Home Brew Vietnamese Iced Tea for only Php 60... what a steal!

For dessert, we each had a tall glass of Dried Longgan with Lotus Seed for DH and Special Mixed Beans for me. I was not able to finish my dessert because it was too much for one person. These desserts are best when shared.

Other desserts available are Sweet Vietnam Jelly Php 100, Jelly Lychee Php 100 and Iced Chendol Php 100.

I will definitely be back for Tra Vinh's affordable and yummy Vietnamese cuisine. It is good to know that everything on the menu is made fresh everyday!

Tra Vinh of Australia (first store opened in Australia 20 years ago) is located at 109 Unit 3 N.S. Amoranto cor.  Cordillera Ave. Maharlika, Quezon City. You can call 742 1718 for inquiries and/or reservation.
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