Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine | My Pre-Valentine's Date Night Experience

DH took my daughter and I on a pre-Valentine's date at Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine last Saturday night. The restaurant has fine dining area on the ground floor and a separate area for coffee, cakes and pastries on the second floor aptly called Myons Cafe (Coffee and Tea Co.).

Myons Filet Mignon Php 600

Bacon wrapped tenderloin served with mashed potato, demi-glazed french beans and carrots

Because it is a fine dining area, the ground floor was dimly-lit and not suitable for photo-op but perfect if you are celebrating a special occasion or out on a date night. We chose to settle at the second level where the ambiance is more homey. I get a lot countryside home feel to it, there's even a faux fire place (see last photo). And yes, lighting is so much better!

Tzatziki Php 175

For starters, we had Tzatziki. It is a Greek sauce served with grilled meat or as a dip. It is made of strained yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sometimes dill.

The dip is a little bit on the watery side and has a strong taste of cucumber. The taste didn't impress me so you might want to skip this and order another item under Appetizer. I will definitely try the Eggplant Dip on our next visit. It was not available on the night that we had our dinner ; (

Mediterranean Salad Php 485

We ordered Mediterranean Salad which came out in a huge platter. I like that this salad was served with a lot of cheese on top. The breaded shrimp and squid rings were bland though. We could not taste the dressing so I requested for more. The salad was more than enough for two persons.

Beef Biryani Php 295

Tender short ribs with exotic flavors from a blend of herbs and spices served with rice

DH ordered Beef Biryani while I ordered a Filet Mignon. The former tasted like our local version of mechado, it was very filling even without eating the rice served on its side.

Filet Mignon is a steak cut of beef taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin. I was not asked for the doneness of my steak. It was served well-done which turned the meat a little bit hard to chew. Suffice it to say, my jaw did a wee bit of workout that night ; p

Carbonara with Sunny Side Up Egg Php 260

DH ordered a Carbonara with Sunny Side Up Egg for our little girl but this pasta turned out to be on a salty side. My daughter loved the bread on the side though. We took home the rest of the pasta home and DH ate it the next day ; )

On a side note, Carbonara with Sunny Side Up Egg was the only item we ordered from Myons Coffee and Tea Co. The rest of our orders were taken from Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine.

Ube Cake Php 120

My little sweetheart wanted a purple cake for a change. This Ube (purple yam) cake tasted light and sweet, just exactly how my daughter wanted it.

Myon French Mediterranean Cuisine (Myons Cafe) is located at 390 Mayon St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City. For reservations and more information, you can call 711 0339.

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