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These days, DH would rather stay home than drive to the South. In one of the rare cases, the horrible traffic we encountered really tested his patience. Balay Dako by Antonio's was the main reason why we braved the Sunday traffic going to Tagaytay.

Balay Dako | Big House

Pancit ni Antonio Php 390

Stir-friend rice noodles, chorizo, shrimp, chicken and pork slices and annatto oil

Apparently, we were not the only ones who had a bright idea of having lunch that day at the same restaurant. It was already way past lunch time but people were still lining up and willing to wait. And so we waited... for one hour just to get a table ; (
Ginataang Gulay Ng Balay Puso ng Saging (Heart of the Banana Tree)  Php 220

A selection of vegetable stewed in coconut milk

Okay, so nobody forced us to stay and wait. DH and I both agreed that since having lunch at Balay Dako was the sole purpose of this trip, we might as well wait for our turn.

Dinuguan Php 325

Pork cheeks, snout and ears braised in pork blood, vinegar, dried kamias and chilis

Balay Dako is a restaurant that serves Filipino cuisine. But before we could even order, a waiter came to our table and told us that some of the items were already out of stock.

I am not really fond of Filipino dishes so I let DH order from the menu. The price is just right as each dish is good enough for sharing. The ingredients are generous especially in Pansit ni Antonio. Tastewise, nothing spectacular, I felt like I was just eating home cooked dishes. But I guess that's the point of Balay Dako, to get you feeling that your are within the comforts of your home eating what else but comfort food.

Balay Dako by Antonio's is located at Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City beside Leslie's and Max's across Magallanes Square. For inquiries and reservations, 0943 264 1680 and 046 413 4866.

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