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DH and I now have a reason to celebrate Mother's Day because of our precious little girl. As with Father's Day, we would not miss celebrating the occasion every year, albeit, always on the last minute (read: without restaurant reservation).

Last weekend, as he was frantically searching online for restaurants (we never learn!), I suggested Tomo Japanese Dining- a new Japanese restaurant located in San Juan. I learned that one of the sushi chefs from Sugi (a local Japanese restaurant) is at the helm of the newly opened restaurant.

Naturally, when I called the restaurant to inquire about a table for three, I was politely turned down. It took a friend, who knew one of the owners, to facilitate a reservation on our behalf. And so, presenting our orders from this elusive Japanese restaurant...

Tomo Japanese Dining

Batangas Tenderloin Php 400

Tender beef cooked Misono style

We are all cheapskate in the family so I ordered Batangas Tenderloin. It is the least expensive choice under Teppanyaki. The other two are Wagyu Saikoro Steak (Php 2,185) and Australian Rib-eye Steak Php 1,050.

It was supposedly cooked medium-well but the tenderloin beef came out well-done but it was tender nonetheless. I wonder how the chefs would do it with the more expensive beef. I hope the meat came in smaller chunks though---> like bite-size pieces.
California Salad Php 255

Japanese cucumber with crabstick and ripe mango with vinaigrette dressing

Since its Mother's Day, DH let me order most of the items that we had for lunch. I chose all my favorites- California Salad, Okonomiyaki, Shimesaba, Spicy Salmon and Spider Design Maki from the menu. The perks of being a mom!
Okonomiyaki Php 295

Samurai pizza/Japanese pizza- a concoction of cabbage, thinly sliced pork, egg and special sauce

Okonomiyaki came out last. With all the items I ordered, I didn't even remembered I ordered for one lol DH and I each had a slice. It was good, I really liked it. Since we were already full, we took the rest home.

At home, I just put the remaining slices inside the microwave oven for 30 seconds and the Okonomiyaki tasted just as how I remembered eating it at the restaurant.

Spider Design Maki Php 435

 Sushi roll with fried soft shell crab and ripe mango, spiked by Japanese mayonaisse

One of my favorite dishes in a Japanese restaurant is Spider Maki. I would always order for one even if it is so expensive. And Tomo's Spider Design Maki didn't disappoint- it's huge, crunchy and very filling!

Shimesaba (mackerel) Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces) Php 205

Also available in Sashimi for Php 375

Like Spider Maki, Shimesaba is always on my list. This particular sushi is fairly priced as compared to other restaurants.

Sake (Salmon) Sashimi Php 365

Also available in Nigiri sushi for only Php 175

Tamago (egg) Sashimi Php 115

Spicy Salmon Maki Php 265

 Salmon with spicy mayo dressing in sushi roll

I made a mistake of ordering Spicy Salmon Maki. All the while I thought I was ordering something like this Spicy Maki from Nihonbashi Tei. I thought all spicy salmon are the same, apparently, I was wrong. At Php 265, it looked pathetic and should have been totally scraped off from the menu.

Lesson learned---> look closely at the description written on the menu. I should have ordered Dynamite Maki (Php 300)- Sushi roll with spicy tuna, salmon, Japanese cucumber with a coat of tabiko.

Toriju Php 285

Chicken teriyaki on Japanese rice

Tomo Japanese Dining is on a dry run. To compensate for its short comings, the restaurant is giving a 20% off on your bill. Please do not ask me until when, for any concerns, kindly refer to the contact information below.

Tomo Japanese Dining is located at 137 M. Araullo St., Sta. Mesa, San Juan. For reservation and inquiries, please call 0977 859 7622. 

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