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Today, I finally had the chance to update my Trollbeads collection... yey! I started with just the Special Edition Trollbeads Luck & Joy Starter Bracelet last January. I recently bought additional three pieces of beads from Robinsons Magnolia. I could have bought more if money is not an issue hahaha

 My Trollbeads Collection

My Trollbeads collection now includes White Cap (61413), Light Turquoise (60192) and Turquoise (60184).

Trollbeads White Cap (TB61413) PhP 1595 1435.50

Thanks to my new Robinson's Privilege card I got 10% off my purchase on all three Trollbeads... woot!

Each Trollbead is housed in a dainty box, similar to the box that I got with the starter bracelet kit only smaller.

Trollbeads Light Turquoise Prism  (60192) and 
Trollbeads Turquoise Prism (60184) PhP 1595 1435.50 each

Trollbeads Light Turquoise Prism (Part of Spring Prism Kit)

The way this bead is cut makes light dance both on the surface and within. The slightest movement reflects the light turquoise color.

Designer:Lise Aagaard
Collection: Glass Prism Beads

Trollbeads Turquoise Prism (Part of Original Prism Kit)
A mix of blue and green, turquoise has sweet feminine hues, while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication.

Designer:Lise Aagaard
Collection: Glass Prism Beads

These glass charm beads fit Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. Perfect if you are creating a glass charm bracelet or necklace with your Trollbeads.

The White Cap Trollbeads

a closer look at Trollbeads White Cap (61413) PhP 1595 1435.50 ($31)

The White Cap Trollbead was introduced with the Spring collection in 2011 and is also designed by Lise Aagaard.

First Introduced: January 31, 2011
Color: Turquoise, Blue and Green
Designer: Lise Aagaard
Material: Glass
Collection: Glass Trollbeads 1 

What's next on my list? Maternity (11526) or Family (11279) or Chinese Dragon (11457) and preferably a drop Trollbead to complete my collection ; )

To know how to spot an authentic Trollbeads, read my entry here.  Every story has a bead, read my story here. View the rest of my collection here.

This 2016, Trollbeads is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, it has announced its Trollbeads Soft Sunrise Starter Kit in Bracelet and Bangle Promo

Trollbeads Magnolia |  +632 961 3383 

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