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 VP Leni Inauguration Food Menu | Verleo

When news broke that Philippines' Vice President Leni Robredo will be having a separate venue for her inauguration last June 30, 2016, I was not surprised at all. The president and the vice president belonged to opposing political parties after all. President Rodrigo Duterte took his oath at the Rizal Hall in Malacanang Palace while the vice president took hers at the Quezon City Reception House.

Leony Chan-Ang, owner of Verleo Catering Services with Vice President Leni Robredo at the Quezon City Reception House

When I learned from online news portals that my good friend (owner of Verleo Catering Services) was the one who catered for VP Leni's inaugural, I was not surprised at all. Her catering company has been known for serving quality food at reasonable price since 1998.

Now, how do I taste the much talked about Pinoy merienda fare?! By organizing a mini get together at the caterer's home, of course!

Choc-Nut Buchi

 Glutinous rice balls filled with Choc-Nut | A classic Filipino favorite treat of peanut milk chocolate

My friend prepared a boodle feast where food was spread over banana leaves. Food is best eaten with bare hands. And the main attraction was, of course, the snacks (merienda) prepared and served during Vice President Leni Robredo's inauguration- Choc-Nut Buchi, Halo-Halo Turon, Maja Blanca and Pichi Pichi.

Halo-Halo Turon

 Famous Filipino dessert made with a twist | 
Macapuno, langka, beans, ube and monggo instead of saba

Verleo gave Choc-Nut Buchi and Halo-Halo Turon, two of Filipino all-time favorite dessert fare, a new twist. Both tasted really good and addicting. You will surely crave for more. With all the write-ups written about it, I can truly say that Verleo have definitely left a mark in the food industry.

Maja Blanca

Coconut Pudding | Coconut milk, Cornstarch & Sugar

 Pichi Pichi

 Cassava cake with grated coconut on top

Verleo Catering Services is located at 277 P. Guevarra St., San Juan City, Philippines.

You may call them at these numbers  +(632) 506 31 18,  404 78 58,  358 03 48,  365-3315,  367-5082, 447-0896 & 361-9379

Mobile: +(63) 917-530-4870 , +(63) 32 845 0431 ,  +(63) 0998 556 9324, +(63) 917-805-5082 ; +(63) 922 879 0196 ; +(63) 998 974 9885.

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