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It was still early in the afternoon when my family and I finished exploring Dino Play so we decided to grab a snack at Krispy Kreme before heading home. While we were walking back to where our car was parked, I spotted Science-in-the-Park by the Mind Museum.

Science-in-the-Park | Nature's Artful Play

 This outdoor science complex has four themed pockets namely Math, Music, Living and Water.

Brachistochrone Slide | Math Pocket

 The brachistochrone problem from the Greek terms brachistos (shortest) and chronos (time), was solved with a curve called inverted cycloid. 
Cycloids are arcs generated by a point on the circle rolling along a straight line.
Although longer in length due to the curvature, the object increases in speed as it falls, allowing it to reach the end quicker.

Designed by: Reginald S. Yuson

The first thing my daughter saw was this Brachistochrone Slide. She excitedly climbed up and tried all three slides. Unlike her momma, this little girl has no fear of heights. She is definitely like her pop-sicle who is a thrill-seeker!

Mobius Wall Climber & Fulcrum | Math Pocket

Fulcrum (foreground)

Ever wonder how infinity looks like?

Take a strip of paper. Twist it once and connect the ends to form a loop. Now, trace a line along the middle and cut it. Try cutting from the center again. 
A Mobius strip is a simple but astonishing geometric surface that continues infinitely, with no definable "right" or " left" sides (one-sided). It has been employe in our creation of conveyor belts, roller coasters and the distribution of electricity.

Designed by: Ruben Adrian A. Flores

I am happy to see my daughter is able to enjoy all the slides available inside the park. Just look at her face, she seems to be having the time of her life. Weee.... all the way down!

Creature Heads | Living Pocket

  • Plants That Filter Black Water
  • Pea Pods

Aside from the Philippine Eagle, there's also a Dragonfly and a Mosquito on display at Creature Head. I was not able to take a lot of photos at the Living Pocket because my daughter was on the other side of the park. My daughter's attention was on the slides and the Water Pocket.

Sound Domes | Music Pocket

When you make a sound that reaches the concave surfaces, located on the sides and on top of this exhibit, they bounce out in a straight line, focusing the sound.
This is the law of reflection, whether of sound or light.

Designed by: Reginald S. Yuson

Gumamela Flute | Music Pocket

Wind Chimes - Singing Forest | Music Pocket

  • Drums
  • Circle of Fifths

Water Pocket

  • Archimedes Screw
  • Tipping Buckets
  • Water Whel
  • Dam
  • Boats

Bubble Makers | Water Pocket

Bubbles are balls of air contained within a thin surface of liquid sandwiched between layers of soap molecules. Water has a property called surface tension or its ability to form a thin like skin, due to cohesion- the tendency of the liquid molecules to be attracted to one another. When bubbles are blown, surface tension contracts while pressure inside swells. This characteristic allows bubbles and water drops to remain intact. 

DH and my daughter tried their luck at the Bubble Makers. They were not successful in getting inside the giant bubble. I guess there was not enough bubbles, it kept on popping ; p

Science-in-the-Park | Park Rules

More learning = more fun!

  • Please take care of our exhibits, so everyone enjoys them!
  • Don't lose your adult!
  • Don't drag your bag around!
  • Please walk at all times. Don't run , play or be rough with friends and other visitors!
  • Those who don't follow the rules will be asked to "sit out".
  • Click quickly takign pics!
  • We love animals, but no pets please inside the Museum.
  • Be curious and ask questions!
  • If you need help, ask our friendly Museum staff- they're always happy to assist you!

After spending a good 30 minutes inside the park, my daughter was exhausted and finally ready to go home.

Science-in-the-Park is located at J.Y. Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Taguig. Right outside the Mind Museum.

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