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Our date night usually ends up in a dessert place, and tonight is no exception. While roaming around SM Mega Fashion Hall, my daughter spotted Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. But it's not the premium biscuit nor the cheesecake she's after, it's the Cow Cow Ice. She really has a sophisticated taste in ice cream #manasamommy

Cow Cow Ice | SM Megamall 

Cow Cow Ice Mix Php Php 150

Cow Cow Ice is a Hokkaido-style soft serve ice cream

Trivia: Cow in Hokkaido enjoy lots of cool, fresh air while grazing in gently rolling fields. In this ideal environment, they produce the best milk in Japan. And this quality milk is what goes into every cup of Cow Cow Ice.

Cow Cow Ice | Flavors + Add-Ons

photo credit: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

Cow Cow Ice Milk (Php 130) is a combination of Hokkaido Jersey Milk and  Hokkaido Tokachi Mascarpone #CowCowMilk

photo credit: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

Cow Cow Ice Cheese (Php 150) is a combination of  Hokkaido Gouda Cheese and Cream Cheese #CowCowCheese

photo credit: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

It's really hard to decide which variant to choose. Luckily, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory came up with a third variant- Mix (Php 150). It's a combination of Cow Cow Milk + Cow Cow Cheese. Winner!

Add-ons: Cheesecake Php 100/slice | Salt & Camembert Php 50/pc.

How to Eat Cow Cow Ice

photo credit: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

  1. Spoon some cheesecake
  2. Spoon some biscuit
  3. Spoon some soft ice
  4. Bring to mouth

Cow Cow Ice Experience

Once you have paid for your order, you go straight to the adjacent window to claim your soft and creamy ice cream. On a side note, Cow Cow Ice's texture reminded me of Cremia- an extremely popular brand of soft serve ice cream in Japan. 

Your Cow Cow Ice will then be placed on top of the weighing scale before placing your order on a wooden tray along with a spoon and napkin. There were no tables and chairs to be found so my daughter just took the cup and ate her ice cream... so deliciously good! 

Top: Cotton On | Skirt + Leggings + Shoes : H&M

Cow Cow Ice is located at the following:
 Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory in SM Megamall | Power Plant Rockwell | Okada Manila| NAIA 3 | The Podium | Alabang Town Center

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