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Since I found out that my daughter will be having a short break from school due to All Saint's Day, I started planning on where to take her. My top priority is the distance. I prefer to travel short distances because I don't want to waste too much time on the road. I also consider if the activity will suit my daughter's age. I always show my daughter some photos taken from the website to check if the activity looks fun for her to do. The entrance fee is another factor.

All factors considered, I scheduled our visit to Upside Down Museum last weekend. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to go with my daughter. It was my parents and my sister who took her to the museum.

What is Upside Down Museum? 

part of Upside Down House

Upside Down Museum took its inspiration from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and USA. If you have visited one in any of these countries, you would be surprised to see that the Philippine edition is ten times bigger. Inside the 1,700 square feet interactive museum, there are 22 rooms (and counting!) 

Upside Down Museum | Tips

Mirror House

  • Eat a heavy breakfast. Be there by opening time (11:00am). The venue gets filled up in the afternoon (after lunch)
  • Don't wear a dress/skirt. It will not look realistic in photos (see my daughter's)
  • Wear comfy clothes like leggings, jumpers and rubber shoes instead to achieve artistic shots
  • Don't be surprised if you see everything in topsy-turvy
  • Request one of the friendly marshal/guide to take your photo
  • Ask the staff for suggestions on where and how to pose
  • Smile, have fun and enjoy! #FUNVENTURES

Upside Down Museum | What to See

Acrobatic Hallway

Giant Headset

Snow World with Human Molding

90 Degree House

Broken Bench

Leaning House

Inverted Steel Bridge

Goliath's Shoes

Other rooms not in the photo:
  • Levitation Corner
  • Spilled Milk
  • World of Comfort
  • Piercing Walls
  • Bouncing Reflection
  • Dessert Wall
  • Mirror House
  • Pierced Heart Wall
  • Afro Style
  • Upside Down House
  • Love Park
  • Marilyn Monroe Section
  • Graffiti Wall
  • Aquarium Phone Booth
  • Floating Corner
  • and more!
My family spent more than an hour inside Manila's latest interactive museum. My daughter had a lot of fun and can't even stop talking about it. Surprisingly, even my parents were amazed at this one of a kind attraction. I hope one day I can personally visit the museum.

Upside Down Museum | Rules & Regulations
part of Upside Down House
All children below 3 years old and below must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times
  • Running, yelling or any other unnecessary behavior is strictly prohibited
  • The museum reserves the right to immediately hold any group tours/individual that exhibits unruly behavior
  • Visitors are liable to any museum damages that results from negligent behavior
  • The museum bears no responsibility for any lost items at the museum premises
  • Grabbing/pulling any items/objects is strictly prohibited
  • Climbing/standing on Goliath's shoes must be restricted
  • Climbing on the bridge stand is also not allowed
  • Smoking, including e-cigarette, is not permitted in the museum
  • Courtesy to others while waiting for your turn to each gallery should be exercised
  • Be respectful to other museum visitors

Upside Down Museum | Operating Schedule

part of Upside Down House
  • Tuesday to Sunday
  • Closed on Mondays
  • 11:00am to 9:00pm

Public Advisory: Due to 31st ASEAN Leaders Summit, Upside Down Museum is CLOSED on November 12-15, 2017. Operation will resume on November 16, 2017 (11am-9pm).

Upside Down Museum | Entrance Fee +Tickets

Levitation Room
  • Php 450/pax
    Senior Citizens/PWDs Php 330 (25% savings!)
  • You can purchase Upside Down Museum Tickets at the gate or at SM Tickets*
  • 3 years old and below FREE Entrance
*SM Tickets- for tickets, please call +63 2 470 2222 

Upside Down Museum | Promo

Afro Style

  • Php 599/head Ride All You Can Star City x One Time entry to Upside Down Museum
Upside Down Museum | Map

Are you ready to accept the fun adventure challenge? Visit Upside Down Museum at Boom na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. The venue is fronting the World Trade Center, behind Wensha Spa, at the back of Star City. For inquiries, please call +63 2 834 8997.

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