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I was back at Starbucks in Eugenio Lopez Drive with some friends over the weekend. It was the same week that Starbucks announced in its Facebook page the launching of its rich and creamy pudding cups in two variants- Milk and Chocolate. Naturally, I can't pass up the chance to taste its latest offering.

Starbucks Milk Pudding Php 65

After ordering my beverage of choice- Starbucks Coffee Jelly Tall, I asked the cashier which of the two variants would she recommend. She responded with Milk so... Milk it is!

Starbucks Milk Pudding came in a carton sleeve. The variant is indicated on top. In this case, it's Milk. The price of 65/cup is also written including the weight (85g) and the instruction to keep it refrigerated in case you want to take it home. But why take it home when you can eat it there just like what I did!

Written on one side is the Best Before date and also the list of Ingredients- Starbucks milk pudding mix, dairy cream, and water.

When you take off the cup, the pudding is vacuum sealed. Remove it and it's time to dig in and enjoy the rich and creamy goodness of Starbucks Pudding cup!

And now for the verdict---->  Starbucks Milk Pudding was really, really good 👌 It reminded me of Cremia- a soft serve ice cream originated in Japan. Lately, I have been likening all the ice cream I have taste with Cremia. Ehem, remember my Cow Cow Ice entry? I must be missing Japan terribly. I really, really want to go back!

photo credit: Starbucks Philippines 

I can't wait to try out Starbucks Chocolate Pudding next! 

Starbucks Pudding Cups are available in all stores located in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas, Bulacan and Pampanga. 

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