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When I was younger, you can see me wearing skirts and shorts all the time. That was before, when my legs were as flawless as a porcelain. Now that I am in my 40s, I could not even wear a dress because I was diagnosed with *urticaria. I became very conscious of my legs' appearance that's why my closet is now filled with all kinds of pants.

When Beautybox Corp. (official distributor of K-Palette Philippines) sent me a package containing Shiro ashi Hime and Shiro waki Hime- Japan's bestselling instant body whitening products, I was beyond thrilled.

Shiro ashi Hime | White Princess Legs

See those little red bumps? Those are the tame version of my urticaria. You don't want to see them when they're angry ; p

*Urticaria or Hives are red, itchy, raised areas of the skin that can range in size and appear anywhere on your body.

Shiro ashi Hime 100g Php 895

From the same makers of Baby Foot, Shiro ashi Hime (White Princess Legs) White Cream for your Body makes my legs silky, bright looking and flawless in an instant. It gives me a boost of confidence to wear shorts or skirt again. It works like a makeup foundation for my legs. It covers most of my skin imperfections like the redness you see in the first photo and hides all those little red bumps, large pores and scar marks.  It also works as a sunscreen as it has SPF 10. Application is so easy, it's just like I am applying lotion to my body!

It contains Coffee Extract and Mate Tea Extract to tighten skin. It moisturizes the skin with Arbutin and Chamomilla Extract. It is suitable for all skin types and can also be used all over your body. 
left without; right with Shiro ashi Hime

How to use Shiro ashi Hime:

  1. Take an appropriate amount and gently massage onto the clean skin.
  2. Experience skin whitening in 10 seconds!
  3. To remove, wash with soap and rinse with water.

Can't wait to try Shiro waki Hime next!

In other news, K-Palette Eyebrow Tint now comes in Smoky Brown (04) shade. 

Shiro ashi Hime is exclusively available online for only Php 895 (100g).

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