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I am a certified matcha addict. I can't remember exactly when my love for matcha started but I usually order one whenever it is available. It's one of the most in-thing at the moment that even Starbucks (known for its coffee) now has included matcha on its menu. 

I cannot pass up the chance to order matcha especially if it's in the form of an ice cream. You can imagine the huge grin on my face when my sister told me all about Tsujiri. We were having lunch at Paradise Dynasty at S Maison when she told me all about the 155-year old Japanese green tea matcha brand originating from Uji Kyoto, Japan. Luckily, the first Philippine branch which opened earlier this year is located at the same level as Paradise Dynasty. No need to travel to Japan!

Tsujiri | Since 1860 

Tsujiri Milk Float  Small Php 205 Medium Php 220
with add on: Red Bean Ball Php 20 + Shiratama (mochi or glutinous rice balls) Php 15

Tsujiri specializes in authentic, premium green tea drinks. The company is the pioneer in matcha infused desserts like ice cream, cakes and pastries. 

What's the difference between Matcha and Green Tea?

To begin with, they are both the same and different. Confusing? Read on... 

  • Both are derived from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis. In fact, Matcha is a form of Green Tea. 
  • Matcha comes in powder form; Green Tea leaves come in a tea bag
  • Green Tea is bitter in taste; Matcha is sweeter and tastes better
  • Matcha appears to be more vibrant in color because of the high level of chlorophyll
  • Matcha has more nutrients than Green Tea like Catechins for increased metabolism and physical endurance, Polyphenols, and Amino Acids that can help improve memory. 

Tsujiri PH | Menu

Tsujiri | Matcha Experience

Tsujiri is one of the best-tasting matcha I have tried. Too bad, I have to share my order with my sister, it's her reward for pointing me to the right direction ; p 

Just recently, Tsujiri opened up another branch in Podium. When I visit, I will have an entire cup of matcha goodness just for myself that's for sure!

Tsujiri is located at the 2nd Level, S Maison, Seaside Blvd., Pasay City. For inquiries, please call + 63 2 8164037. 

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