Starbucks Purple Yam Brazo Parfait

Saturday is our family date night. My daughter can sleep a little bit late on a Saturday night since there's no classes the next day. We usually have an early dinner then dessert after. My daughter and I love desserts!

Purple Yam Brazo Parfait

Purple Yam Brazo Parfait 145g Php 110

Dinner at Gerry's Grill was a huge disappointment. It's been ages since we last dined at Gerry's and a lot has changed. Everything we ordered was either too sweet (Grilled Squid and Laing) or too salty (Bulalo). DH commented that even the vinegar was sweet. He requested it to downplay the sweetness of the Grilled Squid but ended up adding more to its sweetness. The only thing that tasted okay was my order, Binagoong Rice.

Anyway, we transferred to Starbucks right after that sad dinner. My daughter missed Starbucks' Chocolate Cookie while I wanted to taste its new offering- Purple Yam Brazo Parfait. DH only had his favorite, Cafe Latte.

When Starbucks came out with its own version of Pudding, I instantly fell in love with it. And because of that, I had high expectations from Purple Yam Brazo Parfait.

Starbucks Purple Yam Brazo Parfait is a classic Filipino dessert with an added twist. Each cup has layers of meringue, custard and ube jam.

Verdict | Yay or Nay?

Honestly, I find it too sweet even though I have a sweet tooth. After a spoonful, I couldn't take it in anymore and decided to take it home. I am eating the remaining portion as I am writing this entry. I still find it too sweet for my taste.

I tried to taste it layer by layer and that's where I find the culprit- it's the custard layer found in between the soft and pilllowy meringue and purple yam. I feel like I am eating sugar, it is just too sweet. Sad to say, I still can't finish the entire cup!

Starbucks Purple Yam Brazo Parfait is a total fail on my list of dessert. I will never order this ever again ; (

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