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To be honest, I was not expecting much when I returned for the second time at Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. My first experience last December was dull that I decided not to blog about it. So, if it was not the food, what made me come back? It was the indoor garden setup and instagrammable food presentation that made me decide to revisit the quaint restaurant/cafe in San Juan City.

Americano, Cappuccino or Iced White Mocha?

Americano Php 100, Cappuccino Php 140, White Mocha (iced) Php 170; Banana Cupcake 

After attending the church wedding of my cousin last Saturday, my mom wanted her afternoon dose of caffeine. I was just at Starbucks the day before so I suggested a new place for her to try- Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. I have not tasted their dessert and coffee yet so I might as well give the restaurant another chance.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese with Truffle Honey served with Tomato Soup Php 280

I warned her about the food so we ended up ordering just a Grilled Cheese sandwich to share ; p The sandwich came with a choice of Tomato Soup or Side Salad. We settled for the former and we were not disappointed. The Grilled Cheese sandwich was yummy and it was perfectly paired with the Tomato soup. I can't get enough of the soup and all the croutons and melted cheese on top... I love it!

Oh, I now have a favorite drink when I go back----> it's iced White Mocha ; )

Trash Can Nachos

Trash Can Nachos Php 350

From our first visit, we ordered Buffalo Mac & Cheese (Php 320), Steak and Eggs (Php 650) and Trash Can Nachos for lunch. Among the three, it is only the latter that is worth noting. Flossom did not scrimp on its ingredients (as shown in photo above). It's good for sharing and very filling.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is located at 187 N. Averilla St., Sta. Lucia, San Juan | For inquiries and reservation, please call +632- 356 6900. 

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