Cafe Ysabel Reopens in M. Paterno, San Juan | Review

Cafe Ysabel | Date Night

Ever since I broke the news to DH that Cafe Ysabel reopened its doors to dining enthusiasts like us, he has been trying to get a reservation to no avail. Yesterday must have been his lucky day as we were able to have an early dinner at the well-loved restaurant. Oh, it brings back so many memories of the good old date nights!

kakakilig na titigan ; p

Seriously, I can't wait to dig in my meat hahaha We would have stayed longer in this restaurant and took more photos for those who want to reminisce the good old days but we have a movie to catch at 6:30pm in Santolan Town Plaza. 

Steak Ala Pobre

Steak Ala Pobre Tenderloin Php 798

At Php 798, Steak Ala Pobre Tenderloin was the cheapest steak on the menu. I ordered medium well and it didn't disappoint. I like my steak tinged with pink!

Lengua Sulipena

Lengua Sulipena Php 488

DH and I are complete opposite. We don't share orders because we like different stuff just like this Lengua. I didn't dare taste it but DH insisted on letting me taste the mashed potato which I like. And I also ate a whole mushroom to my satisfaction. 

Each entree ordered came with a mixed vegetables in fried wonton wrapper. Yes, we ate it all! If you are following me on Instagram, I have been posting #emptyplates on my Instagram Stories. Sadly, I wasn't able to post my #emptyplate because we were running out of time ; ( Please do follow me on IG @xoxoMrsMartinez 👊

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Short Cake Mini Php 305

The reopening of Cafe Ysabel will not be complete without its signature Strawberry Short Cake. The cake was soft and moist to our liking. The top was filled with strawberries. This is a perfect dessert to cap off a wonderful meal. 

When Cafe Ysabel reopened to its new location in M. Paterno, San Juan, not only did it bring in the same menu that everybody loved but also the rustic charm of the original place as seen at the background in my last photo. I felt having a deja vu moment when we first had our dinner date at Cafe Ysabel. Oh, the romantic vibe of the restaurant never fades!

 Cafe Ysabel is located at 175 M. Paterno St., Pasadena, San Juan | For reservations, please call +632 725 5089

Have you visited the new location of Cafe Ysabel? Please share your experience below.

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