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While I was waiting in the reception area of Cardinal Santos' Radiology Department, I spotted a donya carrying a pristine white bag with a gold chain dangling on one side of the bag. I was two rows behind her as she placed the bag on a vacant seat beside her.

I tried to look away but it seems that the bag is calling my name. So, I gave it a second look. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it is a locally woven bag typically known as Bayong. I wanted to asked her where she bought it but I hesitated thinking there's always Google that's a click away!

Stella | Modern Bayong Bag

Small White Stella Bayong Bag with Soft Leather Twilly Php750 with Gold Bear Charm Php 150

Stella Bayong Bag comes in these sizes: 

  • Small: 15 inches (width) x 10 inches (height)
  • Medium: 18 inches (width) x 10 inches (height)
  • Large: 25 inches (width) x 13 inches (height)

When I got home that afternoon, I searched the web for "Bayong Bags" and in my search I landed on the Facebook page of Stella Bag. After exchanging private messages via Facebook, I ordered a Small White Stella Bayong Bag with Soft Leather Twilly and an additional Gold Bear Charm. The bag was delivered via Lalamove the same day (June 7) I placed my order. I paid Php 132 for the delivery.

Stella Bayong Bag (front view)

The bag was wrapped in a clear plastic bag when it was delivered. It was just like the one I saw that the donya was carrying on her arm. It was beyond doubt eye-catching!

Stella also makes Bags with Patches and Cloth Twilly: 

  • Small Php 850
  • Medium Php 1200

Stella | Bag Charm

Stella Bayong Gold Bear Bag Charm from Bangkok Php 150

I opted to put the charm at the back as I find it hard to close the bag if it is in front. There are a lot of twilly design to choose from that you can mix and match.

Stella Bag | Twilly

Stella Bayong Bag with Soft Leather Twilly in gold (small)

The price of each bag depends on the size of the bag and the twilly you choose:

Plain Solid Color Twilly

  • Price starts at Php 650 for Small

Braided Twilly

  • Small Braided Twilly Php 850
  • Medium Braided Twilly Php 1000

I was confused at first as I didn't know that the price quoted was already inclusive of a pair of twilly for the bag handle ; p

Stella | Bag Tag

Trivia: Did you know that Stella is the yellow bayong bag that our Vice President Leni Robredo was seen carrying?

Stella Bayong bag is spacious and roomy. No zipper so I just put a zippered Rags2Riches pouch inside (as shown in the photo below).

Rag2Riches pouch

Rags2Riches is a homegrown brand. It is a social enterprise that was established in 2007 and is based in the Philippines. R2R's contributions to society lie mainly in its endeavors to alleviate poverty in Payatas, Quezon City. 

Stella Bayong Bag is made of PVC so buyers are assured that it is durable, waterproof on the outside and it is maintenance-free. I took all these photos today and it looks just like the day when it was delivered to me.

While I have numerous branded leather bags, I don't hesitate purchasing our local bags. I support Philippine-Made products because by doing so I can help the local workers feed their families back home.

Stella Bag | @_stellabag (Instagram) | +63998 861 0638

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