Yi Fang Milk Tea San Juan | Review

For months, DH and I were waiting for the opening of Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea along M. Paterno in San Juan. When it finally opened, we were one of the first customers who tried various drinks- milk tea and fruit tea. We have been going back ever since.

Yi Fang | Signature Fruit Tea & Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea and  Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte

Yi Fang's Signature Fruit Tea and Brown Sugar Pearl Latte are two of our favorites. I learned that these drinks are also Yi Fang's bestsellers 👌

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea

  • made with premium mountain tea, pineapple, passion fruit, lemon, apples and oranges

Yi Fang Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte

  • soft brown sugar pearls with fresh milk and premium black tea 

It takes awhile for drinks to be served because all drinks are freshly-made. What I like about Yi Fang is that no artificial flavors were used, only real ingredients. 

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea | Customer Loyalty Card Promo

Yi Fang has recently issued its very own Customer Loyalty Card. Complete 5 stamps and you get 50% off your next drink. Complete all 10 stamps and you get a complimentary (FREE) drink!

Card is valid for one month from date of issue. It cannot be replaced when lost. It cannot be combined with another card. It cannot be used with other promotions and/or discounts.

Yi Fang is located at Unit C #17 M. Paterno St., Pasadena, San Juan | 
+632 477 0842 | +63927 668 7000
Ayala Malls The 30th | BGC High Street 

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