Boracay Hair braids for Little Girls

I promised my little girl that I will have her hair braided once we set foot on Boracay. However, when we arrived, she swam first. #priorities

And so today, we stepped out under the heat of the sun to find someone to braid her hair.

We found ate Larry Joy aka LJ a few steps from our hotel. She was seating near La Carmela de Boracay with her cousin. She offered to braid my daughter's hair. I learned that legit sellers have identifications to show. The ID hangs around their neck.

Boracay Hair Braid Php 250

Hair braid prices at Boracay varies, depending on the styles/design. I am not sure if my daughter can stand all the hair pulling so I instructed LJ that she only wanted half of her hair braided with colorful yarns. I was afraid that she will cry while LJ is braiding her hair. That didn't happen.

I was surprised she didn't complain at all. LJ braided fast, my daughter patiently waited until she finished. She guaranteed that the braids will last for 7 days or we can go back if the braid loosens... yey!

My certified Boracay Baby with her colorful hair braids!

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