Boracay Reopening Experience + Review | Christmas 2018

It's 6am and we're on our way to the airport. No slow moving traffic to the airport when you travel on Christmas Day. I know because we had experienced this for the past 2 years.

Boracay Bound via Cebu Pacific

It has been awhile since we traveled via Cebu Pacific. It's good to know that it now flies on time. We arrived at Caticlan, Boracay in an hour.

Boracay Airport

Just right after the retrieval of the luggage, there's a booth offering van + boat + hotel transportation for Php 700 per pax. We did not get that package.

As soon as we step out of the Caticlan airport, there are several vans waiting for passengers. There's another booth selling tickets for van + boat.
  • Adult: Van (Php 100) + Boat (Php 25)
  • Kid: Van (free of charge) + Boat (Php 25)

Total charges for 2 adults/1 child: Php 275

Before we were able to ride a boat/ferry, we need to get verified.
We showed our confirmed bookings and the person manning the counter will list down the information on a paper. Before leaving the counter, we received a stamp.

Then we proceeded to pay for Terminal and Environmental fees.

  • Adult: Terminal (Php 100 ) + Environmental (Php 75 )
  • Child: Terminal (Php 100 ) + Environmental (free of charge )

Total charges for 2 adults/1 child: Php 450

A 10-minute trip via boat and we are finally in the island of Boracay. We need to take another 10-minute tricycle ride to our hotel along Station 2. Chartered tricycle ride is Php 150.

Boracay Tricycle Experience

A co-parent from my daughter's preschool is staying at The Lind in Station 1. I want to meet up with her. I used to walk from Station 1 to 3 and back but this time, I was with my daughter so I decided to take a tricycle. 

Most drivers will not take us from Station 2 to Station 1 unless it's a chartered ride. Seeing I am with my daughter, one driver offered to take us to DMall for FREE since he is chartering 2 foreigners. He guided me where to take another tricycle from DMALL to Station 1. He told me to tell tricycle drivers that I want individual fare (Php 10).

It didn't work! Tricycle drivers wanted chartered rides. They would prioritized foreigners over local tourists. I had a hard time finding a ride. I ended up paying Php 50/chartered ride from DMall to The Lind in Station 1.

Going back, we hitched a ride from The Lind's service to DMALL.

Side note: It took DH an hour to get to The Lind. He walked from our resort which is at the border of Stations 2 and 3. 

Anyway, the rode is one way from Station 3 to 1. Most roads at the main road are still undergoing construction. Finding a tricycle that will accept individual payment (Php 10) going back from Station 1 to 2 is zero. Our chartered ride from DMALL to our resort costs Php 100.

That pretty much sums up our our first day and first Christmas in Boracay!

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