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DH has been bugging me to try Goto Tendon for sometime now. Honestly, I have not been giving it a thought because I don't like to eat tendon. I take that thing out whenever I see it mixed with my food.

But eventually, I got curious because he kept on going back... with his friends! I thought I might be missing something so of course, I wanted to give it a try especially when I found out that Goto Tendon also offers other specials on their menu other than goto and tendon.

Last night was my second time to visit Goto Tendon Scout Tobias branch in Quezon City. I didn't get to take photos of all food that we ordered during our first visit because, well, I was busy eating. I figured I can take more photos this time, hmmm, I was wrong. I was too hungry so I didn't get to take pictures of half of our orders.

The restaurant was full on both visits. The restaurant was designed as a fast food- order your food at the counter, pay for it then find a table upstairs. The tables and chairs downstairs are reserved for Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women and PWDs. The place is not conducive for small talks. People go there to eat, so even if the place is full, you can easily find a spot within a few minutes, just be patient. It also helps that the servers are always on their feet.

Sizzling Beef Tendon Pares Php 178

Sizzling Beef Tendon Pares is so yummy- think Hanamaruken's Happiness Rice Bowl at budget-friendly price. You can also order Beef Pares (Php 148) or Beef Tendon Pares (Php 158).

Beef Tendon Mami Php 178

I ordered Beef Tendon Mami on my first visit and it didn't disappoint. The noodles were firm, the beef was tender with generous toppings of garlic and onions. What more can you ask for?!

Other noodles on the menu-  Beef Tendon Pares Noodles and Tendom Lomi. Both are priced at Php 178.

Lumpiang Gulay Php 98

We ordered Lumpiang Gulay twice. It was served hot with specially made vinegar on the side. Not a piece left for take out!

Maiz Con Niyebe (small) Php 88; Ube Cheese Con Niyebe (small) Php 98

The desserts at Goto Tendon are a must-try! We were able to try all three. I can't say which one is my favorite because each one is perfect for the summer heat!

Kape con Niyebe (small) Php 88

I was able to finish a whole glass of Kape con Niyebe. The shaved ice was creamy with generous servings of coffee jelly!

Not in the photo are:
  • Burger Steak (100% US Beef) Php 188
  • Pork Adobo Rice Php 168 
  • LaSiLog (Lamayong Danggit from Coron Palawan) Php 148

Goto Tendon is located at 49 Sct. Tobias St., Diliman, Quezon City | +63 2 5185527

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