Hidden Valley Springs Resort Review | Day Trip + Rates + Experience

After our day tour at Villa Escudero on Sunday, we visited Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos, Laguna the next day. The drive was about 30 minutes from Casa de Obando Bed & Breakfast (Sulyap Gallery Cafe) where we stayed overnight.

Hidden Valley Springs | Experience

Few days before our visit, I called Hidden Valley Spring's Manila office (see telephone numbers at the end of the post) to inquire if I need to make a cash deposit for our trip on Monday. Since it's going to be a weekday, the representative said that there's no need to make a deposit. She also said that the resort would accept us as walk-in guests.

2 Days/1 Night Itinerary
Warm Pools
On the day of our arrival, we paid in full (a total of Php 6,250) right before our car could enter the parking area. There was a table set-up with a policeman (I think PNP) together with one staff member of the resort. I gave Php 6,500, I was told that the change will be given to me at the reception area.

Hidden Valley Springs | Locker

At the reception, I collected my change and was issued 3 tickets for buffet lunch and afternoon snack (merienda). We didn't bother to put our belongings in the locker since there were only a few visitors that day. If you do want to place your valuables in the locker, there's a Php 500 deposit that's refundable (yes, Php 500 will be returned to you) upon return of key. 

It was a long walk from the parking to the hidden spring. We passed by a girl manning the welcome drink stand. We each grab a cup of cold drink- sago't gulaman. Along the way, we saw the casitas and the restaurant where we will be having our lunch and merienda.

Hidden Valley Springs | Day Tour Packages

Soda Pool
We were in awe when we saw the crystal clear water of Hidden Valley Springs. You can dip in the pool or relax in one corner and read a book, nobody will mind you. The surrounding is so peaceful and perfect if you want solitude. I cannot imagine that this place is just a few hours away from Manila. 
Hidden Valley | The Hidden Falls

There are triple decker pools also known as Warm Pools, 2 Soda Pools, the secluded Lovers Pool and the Hidden Falls (pictured below). The latter you have to walk a kilometer through narrow pathway only to be cautioned not to swim when you reached it. Although the water is inviting, no one is allowed to swim. 

Hidden Falls
DH took a lot of photos. I want to show you how far we were when we took this photo of the falls. You are not allowed to go further, any closer to the falls than where we were will be dangerous as the rocks were quite slippery. Don't ask me if it is worth the kilometer walk, you be the judge.
  • Adults-Php 2,500
  • Children 5 to 10 years old-Php1,250
Price inclusive of Buffet Lunch and Afternoon Snack

Food is not so great though. Food at Villa Escudero is so much better. We keep reminding ourselves that we were there for the peace and the the crystal clear waters that Hidden Valley offers. We were there to relax and unwind.
Hidden Valley | What to Bring:
  • Bathing suits
  • Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Change of clothes
Hidden Valley |Overnight Rates

  • Casita Deluxe (1 Queen size bed) 2pax-Php 14,700
  • Casita Deluxe (1 King size bed) with Loft (2 Single beds) 3pax-Php 19,800
  • Casita Deluxe (1 King size bed) with Loft (2 Single beds) 4pax-Php 23,900
  • Casita Deluxe (1 King size bed) with Loft (2 Single beds) 5pax-Php 29,100
  • Casita Deluxe (1 King size bed) with Loft (2 Single beds) 6pax-Php34,300
We enjoyed our dip in the pools, yes, we tried all of them. I can't say enough that the water is so clear, you won't be needing googles. I also like that there's staff stationed in every area so we felt safe all the time. One time, we even left our things in one section and transferred to other pools. Note that there are not many visitors on our day of visit that's why we were complacent enough to do that. 

Hidden Valley Springs and Villa Escudero offer different features but can be very well enjoyed by the whole family. Honestly, I can't pick one as my favorite. I suggest that you visit them both so that you can experience being close to nature and if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Hidden Valley Springs | +63 2 818 4034   +63 2 8404112   +632 8404114

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