List of Legit Online Food Sellers During Covid-19 Quarantine

Corona Virus | COVID-19

I want to help "flatten the curve" as they say so I am staying home since President Duterte declared Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) last March 16, 2020. Prior to the lock-down, I was able to go to Robinsons Magnolia supermarket to buy food and other essential stuff. Two weeks after, my husband drove to Rustan's Il Terrazzo because the grocery stores nearby have long lines going in. At that time, a lot of people are shopping also so most of the items on the shopping list were not available. But he brought home a box full of chips though that's why my daughter was so happy!

April 12, 2020----> Extended!

Just when I thought that our supplies can last us through the entire quarantine period, our President  extended the restriction of movement until the end of April 2020. I am left with no choice but to find legit online sellers to provide for our needs.

Legit Online Food Suppliers | Quarantine

There are a lot of online scammers so I am wary to transact with those companies that require bank transfers or other online transactions especially if the amount is more than Php1,000. A lot of people got conned during this crisis and I don't want to be one of them. That's why I prefer Cash On Delivery (COD) or Pick-up. 

Here's a list of suppliers that I have compiled for reference. Listed here are either companies that I have personally transacted with or I have transacted through a family member/friend/neighbor (pasabuy, momsh!).
  • Rice- North Pasadena Wholesaling Co. 0977 332 2308
  • Meltique Ribeye Steak, Emborg Fresh Milk, Golden Eel (Unagi), Golden French Fries- Fridge PH (Hocky Flores) 0917 898 9093
  • FIC Ice Cream- 0917 857 4183
  • Cake/Brazo- Forget Me Not Specialty Cake/La Brazorria de Lasevil 0945 513 5391
  • Dalanghita/Dalandan Juice- Donna Ong 0917 889 8688
  • Verleo Catering Services- 0917 530 4870   0927 253 5856
  • Oriental Palace- 0917 8213854
  • Sha Tin Courtyard- 0977 3618890
  • Buco Juice, Soya Milk, Taho- Coco Delivery 0966 299 2626

Corona Virus Face Shield | by PVC Master

Looking for face shield to protect yourself from the dreaded Corona Virus (COVID-19)? The cheapest one in the market today is manufactured by PVC Master at Php 20 each. Minimum number is 100 pieces. You can find them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Since COVID-19 Quarantine is still on-going, I will be updating this entry. Stay home and stay safe!

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