Tantea Dirty Bottle offers Free Delivery with Discount via Foodpanda amidst PH Lockdown

It has been more than a month since the Philippine government put Metro Manila and other parts of the country on lockdown to stop the spread of the dreaded Covid-19. Under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), strict stay-at-home rules are implemented. Only one Quarantine Pass (QP) per household is issued for food, banking and medical runs. Thank goodness for online delivery!
Foodpanda | Tantea-Tomas Morato

Foodpanda is my go-to app for food and drinks because the delivery is FREE. Ordering is so easy...

1. Choose a restaurant near you that offers FREE DELIVERY. Some restaurants even offer discounted price for its items on the menu like Tantea in Tomas Morato. Hello 25% off!

2. If the estimated delivery time (varies depending on location) is fine with you, you may proceed with your order. You may also customize your beverage (see photo below). 

With Tantea, the estimated delivery time is 40 minutes. This includes the amount of time to prepare your order, rider pickup and delivery right at your doorstep. 

Remember, this is just an approximate time depending on traffic and the number of orders ahead of you. In my last 5 transactions, I got my orders in less than 30 minutes. You may also track your order, including the whereabouts of the rider via the app. 

3. I always choose COD as payment method but not all restaurant can accommodate this. 

4. Foodpanda will email right after you confirm your order. 

5. Wait for your order to arrive. 

Daughter's order:
  • Strawberry Milk Tea Dirty Bottle PhP 180 PhP 135
  • No Sugar
  • Normal Ice
  • Popping Boba + PhP 22.50
My order:
  • Brown Sugar Peach Gum Milk Tea Dirty Bottle PhP 150 PhP112.50
  • Less Sugar
  • Normal Ice
  • Peach Gum + PhP 15
  • Pearl + PhP 15


I always add tip to the rider, I think you should too!

If you don't have any Foodpanda app, download it today by using my code to get Php 100 off your first order

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