How to Cut a Men's Hair | Quarantine Haircut Tips

ECQ Haircut | COVID-19 Haircut

After Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), General Community Quarantine (GCQ) was announced last May 16, 2020 by the Philippine government. With the implementation of the new law, barbershops and salons are still not allowed to operate as of the moment. Naturally, I became a barber overnight.

I used to cut my daughter's hair when she was a baby until I was able to find a hairdresser that cuts her hair on a regular basis. 

This is my first time to cut a man's hair. At the beginning of the pandemic, my husband asked me to cut his hair. It took an hour to finish the task. I laughed so hard in between cutting, trimming and shaving. He was instructing me as I was cutting his hair. I was not prepared at all, I didn't even watch a tutorial video. The result was not bad but I know there's always a room for improvement.

The second one took place right after the announcement of GCQ. I was prepared this time. I watched a few instructional videos on how to give my man a haircut. The videos gave me an idea on how to cut a man's hair using scissors and an electric hair clipper/trimmer. It took a little less time to cut his hair.

How to Cut My Husband's Hair

  • Section the front part of the hair into 3 parts (left side, right side and center being bangs)
  • Using a flat comb as a gauge, start trimming the hair at the back to desired length with scissors
  • Hold clipper at the base of his head and work your way upward 
  • The length should be just below the ears  (I've gone beyond that on my first try ; P)
  • I trimmed the sides with scissors and then use the clippers in the same way 
  • For bangs, comb the center (bangs) forward and cut it with the tips
Tips on Hair-cutting

  • Set up on a floor surface that can be easily cleaned afterwards. I used to cut my daughter's hair in the bathroom with wooden floor while I cut my husband's hair in the living room with floor tiles. No carpet flooring please.
  • A barber's cape is important to make cleaning up easier.
  • For clippers, always remember that the lower the guide number, the shorter his hair will be
Use a 6 to keep a little length
Use a 3 or a 4 for a classic cut
Use a 2 for a close cut, and a 1 for a "buzz cut"
  • Always cut upward and against the direction of the hair growth
Even as the lockdown is lifted in Metro Manila, I am still scared to have my haircut at a salon for fear of the COVID-19 virus. The virus is still out there. Who knows how long will it take to defeat it?! 

How about you? Have you been back at your favorite salon? 

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