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My daughter's birthday is coming up. I ordered balloons and other party supplies from Shopee online sellers. Even with our current situation, the party decors were delivered way ahead of time. All I have to do is just to set it up on her birthday week.

Uma of Descendants 3
The theme for her 8th birthday party is Descendants 3. She wanted a piñata but I could not find a supplier who can make one.  I saw ready-made ones in ToysRUs Robinsons Magnolia but the designs are for little princesses... definitely not the kind my daughter wants lol

DIY | Piñata

Materials needed:
  • Box strong enough to hold all the items
  • Paper Twine or any cord you can use as handle
  • Paper/Colored Paper for cover/background
  • Glue tape instead of glue
  • Toys
  • Candies
Because I am a certified shopaholic and I love makeup, I have a lot of beauty boxes lying around the house. Althea Rainbow Box is the perfect size for a piñata, not too small and not too big. This is a limited edition box designed with rainbow to spread hope to all their fans around the world while staying safe. I got it from my most recent online purchase.

I chose a sturdy box because it will carry a lot of stuff like toys, chocolates, candies and even dog treats for my daughter's pet dog, Gillian.

I covered the sides of the box with a black paper, well, because it's Descendants #LoveLiveEvil Duh?!

I used a cutter to take out one side of the box. It's the bottom part when you hold the box in upright position. Leaving the flap to hold the goodies inside. I will be adding a Tack-It to the flap so that it will hold and secure the items from falling.

For the handle, I made a hole on both sides of the piñata then I inserted the paper twine. I tied a knot on both ends to secure the handle and keep it in place.

Next, I printed out a Descendants 3 poster on one side and a photo of my daughter with her dog on the other side.

There are a lot of toys on sale at ToysRUs. I bought a few so I can put them inside the piñata. I also bought a lot of candies and chocolates from the supermarket to include in the box. The chocolates are not in the photo, it is in the ref. I will put it in the box on the day of the party.

And that completes my DIY Descendants 3 piñata! Up next, DIY Maleficent Horns!

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