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Descendants 3 Party Theme

My daughter's birthday theme this year was supposed to be little Mermaid. But then she changed her mind and wanted Frozen 2 theme.  She finally settled with Descendants 3 party theme because she was gifted with an Uma costume.

The thing is, Descendants 3 is not as popular here in the Philippines as it is in the US. I was not able to find a single party needs supplier that sells Descendants balloons and other party decors.

DIY |  Party Decors

As a mom, I need to improvise to make my daughter's birthday party a successful one. 

All the party supplies I bought online were already delivered and contained in a box, just waiting to be set up. For the balloons, I chose 3 colors to match the theme- blue (Evie), purple (Mal) and green (Uma). I even bought a curtain backdrop in blue and purple. Let's see how it will turn out. Blog soon!

She watches a lot of Descendants parties on Youtube and most of the videos showed a piñata. I don't want to spend money on piñata so I made one myself. I posted about the DIY Descendants 3 Piñata in my previous entry. 

The trickiest part of the party is the birthday cake. My husband and I agreed not to spend so much on the cake like last year's party. She had a 3-tier Unicorn themed cake on her 7th birthday party. The cake looks nice and all. But after eating the cake, I threw out the remaining 2nd and 3rd layer which were just dummy cakes. Although it served its purpose (presentation wise), I must admit it was a total waste of money. You can check out my Unicorn Birthday Party Theme Suppliers here.

Descendants 3 | Birthday Cake

For this year, I asked The Beehive Pastries, a local baker in my community, if I can order a junior chocolate cake with a special request of teal colored buttercream icing on the outside. She agreed, one problem solved. I am so happy. Now, on to the cake topper...

How to Make Maleficent Horn

How to solve a problem like Maleficent's horns as topper of the cake? 

The baker does not do custom cake. Based on my inquiries from other cake suppliers, a 6-inch single layer custom cake with Maleficent horn will set us back around PhP 3,450- PhP 3,800. It's not within our budget. So, it's definitely a NO.

I searched online and found out that I can make Maleficent Horns with the following materials:
  • 6 Tissue cores/ toilet paper core
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissor
  • 2 small rolls Electrical tape in black
Guide on how to make Maleficent's Horn |Step by Step Instruction 

  • Cut each tissue core into 4 rings

  • For the base of the horn, snip to make an opening on one ring. You can make the diameter wider by gluing a cut out or a small portion from one of the tissue rings.  
  • Pile the rings on top of each other. Biggest ring as base
  • Don't forget to make the tip pointy
  • I apply tape to hold everything together 
  • When using the electrical tape, work your way up. Start in the bottom to the tip of the horn
  • And you are done!

It's only a week to go till my daughter's birthday. I know I will be tired from all the DIY stuff- balloons and other decor but I am sure that she will have a very happy 8th birthday.

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