Splat Hair Color Bleach + Blue Envy Dye | DIY + Tips + Review

My daughter wanted to look like Mal of Descendants 3. She wanted to change her hair color to blue. While researching online for the best and most vibrant hair color available in the Philippine market, I stumbled upon Splat Hair Color Kits by a local online seller, Splat PH (Czarina Aquino).

Splat Hair Dye | Blue Envy

Splat Hair Color - One Color Kit PhP 750
ShopeePay | by Shopee

I ordered via Shopee (search Splat Hair Color or CzarinaAquino). Shopee offers free shipping if you pay via ShopeePay. I saved PhP 80 on shipping cost plus I was able to redeem 94 Shopee Coins. Yes, I am a certified online shopaholic haha I have collected credits from Shopee's Cash Back and daily Coin Rewards lol I only paid PhP 656 for the entire kit.

Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Kit | Blue Envy

  • Splat Long Lasting Hair Color in Blue Envy
  • Splat Oxide Mixing Container (Peroxide)
  • Splat Lightening Bleach 
  • Instructions 
  • Gloves
With Splat Rebellious Colors the possibilities are endless... extreme, shocking and expressive!

Please note that the extremely, intense and strikingly color will only be visible if used on bleached hair. Another thing, 2 kits may be needed for very long or thick hair.

Splat Lightening Bleach | Process + Tips

  • Make sure that you did not wash your hair prior to application of Splat Lightening Bleach
  • Shake the solution until it becomes creamy
  • No matter the outcome, leave the bleach on for a maximum of 30 minutes only. Never longer. 
  • Throw out the remaining bleach solution from the mixing container
Mix the Lightening Bleach (1.25 oz.) in to the Splat Oxide Mixing Container (2.9 fl. oz). Shake until creamy in texture. We decided that we will just bleach the bottom half of her hair. If the hair becomes dry from the bleach experiment, we can just cut it. 

Of course, I had to try the product on myself to know its effect. I applied bleached on my bangs (check out Jenny of Black Pink). 

After 30 minutes, we shampooed and applied a generous amount of hair conditioner. She like the result of her bleached hair. I scheduled the color application the next day. 

Splat Blue Envy | Result + Experience + Review

We were only able to use just 1/4 of the hair coloring product. I didn't cut the tip on the coloring bottle. I just switched the screw cap from the mixing container. I can keep the remaining color for future use. I stored it in my cabinet away from sunlight. 

  • The color may stain, just check out my sink ; p I was able to remove the traces after a few days of scrubbing
  • You can leave on the hair color for a maximum of 1 hour 
  • Make sure you use cold water for the final rinse
  • The color naturally bleeds so use a dark colored towel to wrap your hair. I used Aquazorb Hair Turban
  • Unlike in other brands, Splat 30 Wash Original Kit do not have shampoo and conditioner in its kit
  • To preserve the hair color, we wash our hair every other day with shampoo and conditioner. 

Overall, we love the vibrant blue color. I hope the color lasts long. I was afraid that the bleach will really dry our hair but it did not. The bleach had a strong odor but that's given. My daughter did not smell it as much as I did. Next time, we will try Pink Fetish!

Let me know in the comment if you have tried Splat Hair Color or if you have tried other brands that worked well on you. 

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