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Strokes Beauty Lab by Momoi Supe recently launched their new Brow Artist Collection- Microblade Pen Perfector, Brow Painter, Brow Sculptor Duo, Brow Colorist and Brow Fixer. I was one of the lucky few who got first dibs of the premium brow kit set. I tried it as soon as I opened the package. 

I am holding Strokes Beauty Lab Brow Painter (PhP 498)- a sheer brow shading pen in Ash Brown. The shade is just right for me. It was so easy to use. Basically, you just fill in your brows with light and swift strokes (mimicking the hair strands) to achieve natural-looking brows. 

Gone are the days when eyebrows have to look bold and sharp at the edge. 2020 Brow Trend tends to look more natural. To borrow the term... perfectly imperfect brows. 

Another favorite beauty product from the brand is Strokes Brow Sculptor Duo (PhP 378). This waterproof microfine (1.4mm) brow pencil combines the benefits of powder, pencil and wax. On one end, the pencil glides so easily to effortlessly fill and shape your brows. On the other end is a spoolie brush that works well in blending the brows to look more natural.

Strokes Beauty Lab | The Brow Artist Collection

  • Microblade Pen Perfector | PhP 498- a bleed-proof  and long wearing brow detailing pen that fills in and define natural looking brows
  • Brow Fixer | PhP 398- a strong-holding and long-wearing invisible brow that instantly shapes and sets hair strands in place for effortless definition
  • Brow Colorist | PhP 358- a tinting pomade that instantly builds color and volume
Brow Tutorial 

It's almost weekend and I can't wait to try out the rest of the products included in the kit. Let me know if you want to watch more beauty video tutorials in the comment. Stay safe!

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