ThatsMackayla Set Up Her Own Serenitea Milk Tea Shop At Home | Pretend Play

While thinking of what to game to play next, my daughter asked me if she can open her own milk tea shop. I said, yes! She chose Serenitea because she misses it so much. It is not available for delivery in our area so we are not able to order our favorite drinks in a long while. 

We researched online what Serenitea's barista was wearing so we can replicate it...

  • Black shirt ✅ 
  • Apron ✅
  • Cap ✅

Next, we printed out the menu and other promotional materials taken from Serenitea's Facebook fan page. The posters were displayed on the clean kitchen cabinet doors.

I helped her prepare some of the drinks in advance. She asked her dad what drink he will be ordering  so we can prepare and brew the coffee. I also told her the milk tea variant that I will be ordering so that it will be easier for her to just pour milk, add sugar and ice cubes. 

The moment of surprise came when she told me she wanted to make her very own Milo Dino as we were filming the video for her Youtube Channel- ThatsMackayla. She made the drink all by herself. What a proud mommy moment!

I hope you can watch her video and let us know what you think. Please don't forget to like and subscribe to her channel. Thank you!

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