ThatsMackayla's 8th Birthday Party Suppliers During Coronavirus Pandemic

It's been almost a month since my daughter celebrated her 8th birthday. I edited a birthday video and already posted it on her ThatsMackayla Youtube channel... yey!

I know I have already posted several articles about her birthday party preparations but I have not posted about where I bought/ordered our birthday party supplies. While some of you might think that planning a party during pandemic will be hard, on the contrary, most businesses have shifted online. Ordering is now easier as you will not have to step out of your house and brave the traffic just to meet with your suppliers. So far, all of my party suppliers have met my expectations.

I have been a fan of Shopee lately. It has been my go to online shopping partner throughout this pandemic, parang SM (We've Got It All For You!) lang ang peg lol If you can think of any item, just tap the Shopee search button, most likely, Shopee sells them.

Just an important note, do not forget to read the reviews first. It will save you from stress-inducing  scammers online. Some problems I encountered are incomplete items and wrong items were sent. In my experience, Shopee offers refunds or some shops will compensate you with vouchers or send replacement on your next order.

List of Birthday Party + Food Suppliers:

  • Happy Bird Party Decorations- make sure to claim all shop vouchers before ordering to save more money. I ordered foil curtains, table cover, 5-inch and 12-inch chrome balloons, curling ribbons, 7-piece balloon centerpiece standie, gold number cake candle and number foil balloons; Total costs: PhP 759

  • Junior Party Trays are from Verleo Catering- I ordered Roast Beef with Mushroom (PhP 870), Sweet and Sour Pork (Free Of Charge because I am BFF to the owner ;p), Bagnet Kare-Kare (PhP 950), Verleo Fried Rice (PhP380) and Special Cha Misua (PhP 580). I ordered 3 more Special Cha Misua to give to relatives who can't make it to the party because of the pandemic. Total amount including shipping is PhP 4,910. We love Verleo because they are reliable and the food is great!
The grand total for an in-house party with no guest is PhP 7,969 ; p 

You can watch on Youtube or you can watch ThatsMackayla's 8th Birthday Party here:

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