DIY Descendants 3 Theme Cake | Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake

Descendants 3 Cake | Maleficent Horns

I want to share how the DIY Descendants 3 theme cake with Maleficent Horns cake topper turned out. My daughter and I bonded over this DIY activity earlier this month. The 6-inch chocolate cake with teal colored icing was ordered from a neighborhood pastry shop called The Beehive Pastries.

Here's the breakdown for the personalized cake | Total PhP 550 
  • Junior size Chocolate Cake PhP 350
  • Teal colored butter cream  PhP 100
  • MACKAYLA name on a gold cardboard PhP 50
  • extra: Happy Birthday topper PhP 50 that I placed on Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake

The Beehive Pastries | Classic Chocolate Cake

We love the cakes from The Beehive Pastries- Burnt Cheesecake and Classic Chocolate Cake. The taste is surprisingly good at very affordable price. I ordered from them thrice- my birthday, Burnt Cheesecake junior size for my parent's anniversary (see 4th photo) and my daughter's birthday (see photo above). The chocolate cake just looks a bit different because of the butter cream but the taste is so divine. It's super moist and there's chocolatey goodness in every bite!

The Beehive Pastries' Classic Chocolate Cake on right with pink candle on top
The Beehive Pastries' Classic Chocolate Cake is available in the following sizes:

  • Junior PhP 350
  • Regular PhP 520
  • Party PhP 1050
Burnt Cheesecake junior size PhP 650
Vizco's | Strawberry Short Cake

Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake PhP 900
Aside from the personalized cake, I ordered two more cakes. I tried the ones from Vizco's Restaurant & Cake Shop from Baguio- the famous Strawberry Shortcake PhP 900 and Ube Cake PhP 850 from a local FB Online Reseller named Jennifer Sze. Both cakes are 6 inches. Delivery Fee is PhP 124. 

The Mal standee topper on Vizco's Ube Cake is just a computer printout ; )

Vizco's cakes are also available in 8-inch size:
  • SSC PhP 1,200
  • Ube/Mango Cake PhP 1050
There are a lot of online reseller of the Vizco's cakes but I find the rates of Jennifer the cheapest. Plus, she is so easy to deal with. The cakes are delivered on the same day straight from Baguio. 

My daughter didn't get a 3-tier cake this year but she got 3 birthday cakes (all edible!) and that's all that matters. She sure did have a happy birthday after all!

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