Ultimate Weight Loss Journey + Pro Tips | Bridal Makeup Look

From 132 lbs last December 2019 down to 116 lbs in May 2020. Check out how to lose weight in your 40s article here. I also posted about officially losing 20lbs in August, 2020 in this entry. I also included the Youtube videos that helped me get to where I am (fit and healthy) now. Currently weigh between 103 to 104pounds. And yes....

I finally fit in my wedding dress | I did it!

I was able to fit in my wedding gown from over a decade ago. I was really hesitant to take out my gown from its box. I felt like I was not slim enough. But due to the prodding of my supportive husband, I took the dress out of its box and it fits. Some parts (chest and waist areas) are even loose that means that I am slimmer now compared to the year I got married... yey!

The sad part is that some portions of the dress have discolorations already. I asked the couturier if there's a remedy for the damaged area but I was told that nothing can be done huhu 

Classy and Sophisticated | Bridal Look 

Since I was already wearing my wedding dress, I applied some makeup on my face to complete my bridal look. While I was editing my photo, I chanced upon Liza Soberano's (a female local celebrity) photo in the same pose lol I might as well post it here haha

Goal Weight

I am now 4 more pounds to go from my goal weight of 100 pounds. They say that the last five pounds are the hardest to lose and I guess that is true. It has been over a month since I checked in at 104lbs. I have been going back and forth between 103 to 104lbs since then. Read about how I started my fitness journey at 40 here

Fasted Cardio | Exercising on an Empty Stomach

Pro Tip #1: The theory is that our body feeds on stored fat and carbohydrates for energy instead of food you have recently eaten, leading to higher levels of fat loss. 

Post Workout Recovery | Eat After Exercise

Pro Tip #2: Don't forget to eat after exercise. Eating after workout is beneficial to your body. If possible, eat within two hours after you are done with the activity. Remember to eat carbohydrates to help restore your energy and to consume protein to help repair your muscles. 

Pro Tip #3: Don't just stick to one type of workout. Try to do variations so your muscles can relax. 

Good news... eating junk food and fast food right after workout will not ruin it. 

Listen To Your Body | Rest Is Just As Important as Exercise

Just a quick update, I have given my body a two-day off per week from exercise. I used to workout 7x a week. There was a point in time where I suffer from nose bleeding. Little did I know that my body was telling me to give it some rest. Listen to your body. If you are feeling tired or you think your body can't handle the day's workout, give it a rest. 

Next post if I reached my goal weight. Wish me luck!

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