How To Lose Weight In Your 40s | How I Did It?

From 132 lbs last December 2019 down to 116 lbs in May 2020. Check out how to lose weight in your 40s article here. I also posted about officially losing 20lbs in August, 2020 in this entry. I also included the Youtube videos that helped me get to where I am (fit and healthy) now. Currently weigh between 103 to 104pounds. And yes, I finally did it. I was able to fit in my wedding dress from over a decade ago!

You Are What You Eat

Weight gain is inevitable if you don't watch what you EAT and EXERCISE. When I eat, the extra calories goes immediately to my chubby cheeks, my flabby arms and around the waist area aka love handles... for real!

May 17, 2020

Obesity | Weight Gain

I started gaining weight after I stopped my strict 1,200-calorie meal plan subscription. I gradually gained the pounds that I have lost because I got too excited to eat food again and I didn't bother to exercise.

Soon after that I experienced pain on my left heel every single morning. When I get up from the bed and step on the floor that's when I feel the sharp pain. I endured the pain for months thinking that it will go away but it did not. That's when I decided to see a rehab doctor, the x-ray revealed the cause of pain as calcaneal spur or heel spur. I wrote about it here. One of the causes of heel spur is obesity/excess weight. Operation does not guarantee that it will NOT grow back. The doctor advised me to lose some weight. That was 3 years ago!

A heel spur is a calcium deposit causing bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone

Fast-forward to December 2019, I was in a doctor's clinic when I checked my weight- 132 pounds. I was without a doubt OVERWEIGHT. I was struggling to keep my weight off. I know that it's not good for my health but I just keep shrugging it off and continued to put on a lot of weight. 

Now that I realized that it's my fault, I have to act wisely. I need to make some changes and there's no better time than now. I am over and done with costly full meal plan subscription boxes. I want to do it my way this time.

 I lost 16 pounds in 4 Months | How I Did It?

January 26, 2020
(click the date above to read my Facebook entry)

To begin with, I enforced self-discipline. I scheduled my eating time in between 9 am to 5 pm. It is so easy to do, just schedule your meals within the 8-hour period. I don't eat after 6 pm, no compromise. Within two (2) weeks, I lost 6 pounds. I was feeling a little better too.

I didn't stop there, my husband and I scheduled our annual blood tests. I got our results last February 29th and my results were not good. My Creatinine was Low while my Total Cholesterol, LDL and HDL Ratio were High.

The figures don't lie, my health is in my hands. I have to figure out a way to lose some more weight without depriving myself of all my sweet tooth cravings, just like what happened when I was in a strict 1200-calorie meal plan. I ended up craving for desserts, carbs and a whole lot more!

Morning Routine 

I don't want to call it a morning routine because I always wake up late ( I am in Quarantine mode). Here goes my daily routine:
  • Go to the toilet
  • Brush my teeth
  • Japanese Exercise for 5 minutes
  • I recently added 1-minute planking (that's all the time limit I can do for now!)
  • Drink at least a glass of water before meal
  • Eat brunch within the next 2 hours (between 12 nn to 1 pm)
  • I normally watch Youtube videos for my daily 1-hour exercise around 3pm or 4pm
  • Drink plenty of water in between
  • As much as possible eat dinner before 6 pm
If you are curious about the Japanese exercise that I am doing or if you want to know the various exercise videos that I watch on Youtube, kindly leave your comments below. I will try to write a post soon. 

Don't Deprive Yourself

If you have been following me on my Youtube, Instagram and Facebook page, you will notice that I still post cakes (I have 5 cakes on my birthday lol), cookies, coffee/milk tea and even ice cream from time to time because I don't want to deprive myself. I just train harder lol Exercise has become a habit and a way to a healthy lifestyle. 

Current Weight

I am 5 feet (152.4 centimeters) tall and currently weigh 116 pounds (52.6167 kilograms) 
BMI 22.7 (Normal)

I still have 6 more pounds to go but I am getting there! My goal is to reach 110 pounds before the year ends. I didn't give up on carbs (just yet!) because I still eat a small portion of rice on a daily basis. I ate chicken drumstick with rice and macaroni on the side for lunch. Yesterday, I had ham and egg sandwiched in between two white breads for snack. FYI, if I eat snack, I don't eat dinner any more. 

Get Fit On Your Own Terms

I hope I can inspire you to enforce discipline on yourself so you can reach your goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. Don't forget to set your goal and work your way to achieve it. Keep a happy disposition in life while you are doing it! 

There's no more pain when I step on the floor.

I will update after quarantine if my blood test result improves.

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