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When traveling to La Union, you might want to add grape picking to your itinerary especially if you are bringing your kids. 

When I first mentioned grape picking to my daughter, she was a bit reluctant. All she wanted to do during this trip is to swim. But I do not allow her to swim from 12 NN to 4 PM. I have to squeeze an activity and thankfully, I saw a lot of grape picking signs along the road going to our resort yesterday. 

While we were having lunch at Amare La Cucina, I searched "grape picking la union" via Google. And Lomboy Grapes Farm came up. DH called to check first if it's still grape picking season. 

After getting all his questions answered, we drove for 30 minutes to our next destination. When we reached Lomboy Grapes Farm, we were told that all grapes from its farm were already harvested. The staff told us about an affiliate farm. A designated guide will accompany us to that grapes farm. PHP 25 fee for each adult should be paid up front. Kids are free. 

Upon agreement, he called a motorcycle rider/guide to lead us to the location of the other grapes farm. Pick your own grapes at PHP 250 per kilo. We made a mental note to tip the driver when the tour is over. 

Before we left for grape picking, the Lomboy staff let DH experience wine tasting. He didn't like any of them. We bought 4 jars of grape jams instead for PHP 125 each to give away as pasalubong. 

The location of the other farm was a few minutes away from Lomboy Grapes Farm.  We were the only visitors so we had the whole farm to ourselves. We were told to cut the red cluster because it is sweeter than the green ones. 

My daughter was handed a basket and a scissor upon arrival. Grapes were hanging from elevated trellis so hubby had to carry her so she can cut the cluster and put them in the basket. We paid for a kilo of grapes at the end of the tour. You can take your time and take as many photos as you please. 

We were treated to free juice tasting as we paid for our grapes. The labels showed that all juices were from concentrate so we didn't buy any. 

The grapes were not seedless. I tasted one and it was not even sweet. But it doesn't matter, it's the experience that counts. 

This activity is so much fun. We didn't know that grapes farms existed in this side of town.  I am glad that we were able to do grape picking. Grapes farm is worth visiting.

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